16 of The Best Crafts that Make Money Online That Don't Require Extreme Crafting Skills

16 of The Best Crafts that Make Money Online That Don’t Require Extreme Crafting Skills

Following the big expenses that came with the holidays, everyone can benefit from some extra income. If you’re interested in making some money from the comfort of your home, then it’s time to put your creativity to work with some of the best crafts that make money.

Making all kinds of DIY projects for fun can be a great way to spend your spare time. However, you can also make money by selling your crafts on the internet. With the increased popularity of craft fairs and digital tools, it has become easier to monetize your hobby and passion for vintage items.

16 of The Best Crafts that Make Money Online That Don’t Require Extreme Crafting Skills

Although this is a profitable business idea, it is unlikely that you will make enough at first to quit your regular job. It does however make a great side hustle that can earn you some extra income.

While it’s relatively easy to make the best crafts for money, many people complain about challenges such as shipping fees. Contrary to what many think, you do not need to be a tech genius to set up an online store for selling your crafts.

This post can serve as a guide on what kind of crafts you can sell, the different costs you will incur in the process, and the best platforms to sell your crafts.


Where You Can Sell Crafts for Money

Once you start making money from creating DIY projects that can serve people, you will find it immensely gratifying to make extra income doing what you enjoy. Regardless of whether you’re into pottery, knitting, or some other craft, there are some platforms and events where you can sell your work. Let’s discuss some of these places.

Where You Can Sell Crafts for Money

Craft Events: You can showcase your unique products to potential customers at crafts exhibitions. At these kinds of events, you can get the opportunity to meet other talented artists like yourself and exchange ideas. You can search the internet for upcoming craft festivals in your vicinity.

You can also visit craft events and trade shows and get ideas of what sells and what is in demand right now. This can be a great way to determine what your local competition is when attempting to to sell the best crafts that make money online.

Shopify: This is an online store where you can sell almost anything. Shopify has a popular section for people looking to sell DIY projects and crafts. The platform makes it easy to set up your business with professional tools and templates. You can get 24/7 support from Shopify by paying their monthly subscription fee.

Etsy: This website holds the largest marketplace for people looking to sell or buy vintage items, craft supplies, and much more. Etsy has over 45 million active shoppers and that makes it one of the best places to earn an extra income. One great thing about the online store is that it doesn’t mandate any membership fees.

When you list an item on Etsy, you get charged 20 cents per month till it sells or till the window of four months elapses. After that time, you will need to pay an extra 20 cents to list the item again. There’s also a selling fee for every item sold (3.5 percent) and that price earns you a host of guides for growing your business. To facilitate your transactions, the site requires that you sign up with an online mailing address and your credit card.

Build a website for selling your crafts: You can also sell your crafts and vintage items on your online store. And the best part is that you can set one up within a few minutes and have it running within a few hours by using tools like Woocommerce and WordPress. With a website to showcase your products, you would be giving your brand a more professional look.

Besides, you won’t have to deal with any middlemen so you would have control over everything, especially the proceeds. Unlike with the sites mentioned earlier, having your own website for selling your craft will save you the cost of paying for listing your items.

Share Your Crafts on Social Media

You can get the word about your website on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook where you can reach potential customers. You will find a handful of Facebook groups for people looking to buy crafts. Giveaways and contests are also useful advertisement schemes that you can use to promote your brand.

Pinterest is another great place to display interesting pictures of your craft and link them back to your website where people can purchase them. To stay active, you can also follow other people and re-pin their posts.

The Best Crafts to Make to Sell Online

The Best Crafts To Make For Selling Online

As long as you can create a unique product/design that serves a purpose, you will find customers that are willing to pay for them. If you’re serious about making money at home from selling your crafts, then you will need to employ your creativity to stand out. For the most part, you want your crafts to be suitable for gifting or collecting.

Regardless of your experience with handmade crafts, there are several products that you can create for selling. Let’s get through some of them.

1. DIY Photo Holders

DIY Photo Holders

People are always on the lookout for interesting ways to showcase their interesting pictures and DIY photo holders look great. You can make them be mountain-shaped studs with creative designs as they are light and won’t in it much shipping cost.

2. Braided Bracelets

Braided Bracelet

Bracelets have always been a classic fashion statement that is also unisex. Braided bracelets are easy to make and they can serve as the perfect gift for best friends or couples of an age group. You can create many designs of separate or combine colors to accentuate a wide range of outfits.

3. Handbags


Purses and handbags are essential style statements for women and unique designs are super cute for combining with outfits. From the comfort of your home, you can design beautiful handbags to sell online for extra income.

4. DIY Mod Podge Clipboard

You can make mod podge Clipboards with any cloth or paper material. By combining different colors and patterns, you can create fascinating clipboards that are affordable. There are countless designs you can achieve by combining materials with simple inexpensive supplies.

5. Oil Diffuser Necklaces

Oil diffuser necklaces are not just amazing fashion statements but they have oil scents that gently diffuse with your skin’s warmth. With a few accessible supplies, you make this craft in your home and sell it online or at craft festivals.

6. DIY Quilts

DIY Quilt

Handmade quilts make for great bedding which is an essential item for people. Using affordable materials and your creativity, you can create unique designs to sell for profit.

7. Gemstone Bobby Pins

Instead of disposing of broken jewelry, you can convert their gemstones for different use. You can use them for making DIY gemstone bobby pins that can be worn to subtly accessorize outfits. They make for great gifts to teenagers and can sell easily online.

8. Eyeglass Pouch or Case

Eyeglass Pouch Case Crafts

You can use different kinds of fabrics to create interesting eyeglass cases to sell. They are inexpensive to make. Plus they are easy to ship since they are light and small.

9. Natural Candles


Candle Making 4 You Business CourseCandles are easy to make at home and you can make money selling them online. You can have them colored and scented to increase the value of the natural candles for your customers. That way you’ll make more profit by combining essential oils, fragrances, and natural products like beeswax.

10. DIY Zipper Pouch

DIY Zipper Pouch

Zipper bags can be made from different fabrics of various designs such as floral patterns. They can carry anything from keys to jewelry to your phone, and they’re super stylish. You can sew DIY Zipper bags in your home and they can serve as perfect gifts to friends and family on special occasions.

11. Bowl Cozy for Microwaves

If you’re looking for something functional to make at home, then you should consider making a microwave bowl cozy. These handmade products are easy to make and sell well online.

12. DIY Mugs

Coffee Mugs Work at Home Crafts

Creating marble mugs at home is something you can learn easily online to begin to make a profit. You can create DIY mugs and design using nail polish to sell them at craft fairs or Shopify.

13. Hand-painted Dishes

All year round, people are always on the lookout for uniquely designed dishes to use as wedding gifts. You can use materials like porcelain paints and paint pens to creatively design dishes. Social media can be a great place to market these hand-painted dishes since you can easily target potential customers.

14. Balloon Wreath

Balloon Wreath

Birthday balloon wreaths are always in demand and they don’t require any special knowledge to make. You can have them in various shapes and colors to give your customers plenty of options.

15. DIY Strong Artworks

If you’re looking for craftwork that you can make with inexpensive material, then string artworks are perfect. You can combine cute and colorful strings to create interesting figures that can see in impressive wall decor. You can sell these products for high prices and they serve as excellent housewarming gifts.

16. DIY Soap

DIY Soap Crafts

You can make homemade elderberries or peppermint soap at home using accessible materials. These soaps have great fragrances and are perfect for people who are conscious of their skin. Peppermint soap also helps to soothe petitions caused by bug bites and acne. You can easily sell them online for money.

Become a Wood Worker

Become a Wood Worker

While many of the crafts can be done quickly they are smaller and can be more easily shipped than larger items. If you’re interested in making items that are larger that can demand a higher price consider wood working projects such as lawn chairs and tables. These products are always in demand and can sell for hundreds of dollars each. To get started in this profitable side hustle be sure to check out this site that has over 9,000 plans that you can create!

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