Crafting the Best Fiverr Search Tags to Gain More Gig Exposure

Crafting the Best Fiverr Search Tags to Gain More Gig Exposure

When it comes to getting started working online, Fiverr has become the go-to place for many gig sellers. But with millions of sellers on the platform, gaining exposure and finding buyers can be difficult. It’s time to tip the scales in your favor and optimize your gig listing. In this post we’ll go over creating the best Fiverr search tags and how to use them to drive more traffic to your gig. 

First things first, you’ll need people to actually visit your gig page in order for them to buy your service. This is where most Fiverr sellers tend to mess up a bit. They don’t take into mind that Fiverr ranks their gigs based on several factors and one of those factors is the Fiverr search tags. 

When creating a Fiverr gig as a seller you can enter tags that are used to help rank your gig. Even Fiverr states on the gig creation page that these are used to help you ‘get found‘ (shown in images below). So if you’re not using them chances are there are missed opportunities because of this. We’ll dive deeper into Fiverr search tags below and how they can impact your overall sales and reach to potential buyers.

Fiverr Gig Keywords Tips

What Are The Fiverr Positive Words?

Fiverr labels their search tags as ‘positive words’ and the input box is located at the bottom of the gig creation page. They may also be known as Fiverr keywords, Fiverr hashtags, Fiverr positive words, or Fiverr search tags. They are all basically the same thing. 

A Fiverr search tag is any keyword, phrase, or combination thereof that describes the product or service being offered on the platform. For example, if you sell creative writing, you might use a search tag like ‘writer’ or ‘writing editor’. While writing may be a good keyword it will have loads of competition and it would be better to search for other relevant search tags. 

If you’re selling guest posts on your website, you could say something like ‘backlinks’ or ‘SEO backlinks’. These search tags and keywords help you target the type of buyer who is most likely to buy your product or service. They help you focus your marketing efforts and make sure you’re reaching the right customers and that you gain exposure in searches performed on Fiverr. 

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Just How Does Fiverr Search Algorithm Decide Who to List First?

Most websites such as Fiverr won’t divulge what can make one seller rank higher than others. They do produce guidelines for all sellers to follow which should help their gigs rank higher. And while you may not be able to know exactly how the search algorithm in Fiverr works you can sort of reverse engineer the search results it shows. 

Creating the Perfect Gig Title and Gig Keywords Are Important

According to Fiverr guidelines making sure your gig title, gig description, and Fiverr search tags all contain your buyer keywords can help you rank higher. 

Check Out the Fiverr Search Engine Results for Your Primary Keyword Phrase

You can also check out some of the search results that are already in Fiverr. So, take for instance, if you wanted to buy a guest post on a lifestyle blog. You would use the search term “guest post on a lifestyle blog”, Here are the results for that search on Fiverr:

Creating the Perfect Gig Title and Gig Keywords Are Important

As you can see almost all of the top results have the keywords ‘lifestyle blog’ in the title. So the algorithm certainly uses the keywords in the title. But let’s dig a little deeper. Here are the keywords used in each of these 8 top results starting with the first one. 

Check Out the Fiverr Search Engine Results for Your Primary Keyword Phrase

As you can see the keyword ‘lifestyle’ in the search tags does have an effect on how the gig ranks. After all, all the other gigs contain this keyword. So if you were attempting to sell a post on your lifestyle blog, would you use similar keywords? Of course, there are a few more things you can do than just copy the keywords used by the top results. 

Better Target Your Fiverr Search Tags

When it comes to optimizing listings for Fiverr, there are many different ways to go about it. Some people focus on adding long tail keywords while others prefer to use short tail ones. Whatever method you choose, make sure that you’re targeting the most popular keyword variations. 

Looking at how other sellers use their search tags can help but if you’re new and you use the same search tags as the top sellers chances are you won’t get as much exposure. The best way to combat this is to laser focus your gig to a specific buyer. Here are a few tips to help! 

While it may seem like a good idea to use special characters in your Fiverr search tags, it’s best avoided. Fiver not only limits the type of characters you use to letters and numbers, but what potential buyer is going to type out special characters or emojis in the search bar?

Choose Keywords Based On Your Niche

The easiest way to find the best search tags for your niche is to look at what competitors are doing. See how they’ve optimized their listings and see what keywords they’re using. This will give you a rough idea of what type of keywords you should be focusing on. Then take it a step further. 

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If your competition is selling logo designs then niche down on your gig. This will help you rank for more focused keywords. Say for instance, you can sell logo design for Etsy sellers. There won’t be as much traffic on that keyword as the term logo design but it can help you rank higher for those buyers. 

Once you’ve built up some reviews and your account has a bit of reputation you can change the Fiverr search tags to something more generic such as ‘logo design’. 

Add Variations to Your Fiverr Search Tags

Creating keywords for your gig can be quite difficult because Fiverr only allows you to add 5 keywords to each gig you’re selling. This can be phrases and don’t need to be singular words. So you can actually add something like: ‘SEO guest post on a lifestyle blog’. 

This can help gain exposure on those searches but since you’re limited to only five keywords, it can make the decision on which keyword to use tough. 

Laser Target Your Fiverr Keywords for More Buyer Traffic

When creating your keywords be sure to pick keywords that are relative to your gig. As a new seller on Fiverr it’s best to focus your gig keywords as close as possible. So instead of writing ‘graphic design’ when you’re selling logos, instead focus on something more targeted such as wood grain logo design’ or something along those lines. 

The more targeted and drilled down you can make your keywords on Fiverr the more exposure you can get when a buyer searches those keywords. Sure you can go after the logo design but it may take a long time before you show up on any results. 

Buying Traffic to Your Gig on Fiverr

If you want to rank high on Fiverr and you’re a new seller, you need to select low-competition keywords. If you don’t know what type of keywords to pick, you can look up the competition levels of different keywords on the Fiverr Keyword Tool. This tool provides information such as the number of searches performed per day, the average price paid for the keyword, and the number of times the keyword appears in the description.

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