Can You Make Money Selling Avon? Simple Tips to Sell More and Recruit More

Can You Make Money Selling Avon? Simple Tips to Sell More and Recruit More

Are you wondering how to make money from the comfort of your home? Or you’re simply contemplating how to make some extra cash? Guess what, you’re not alone. Almost everyone at one time or the other has thought about ways to make money from home or earn extra cash to make up for their day-to-day expenses.

Can You Make Money Selling Avon? Simple Tips to Sell More and Recruit More


With the recent pandemic affecting people’s jobs or forcing them to stay indoors, many have considered if selling makeup products can be the answer to their financial questions.

So yes! If you’re considering selling makeup products like Avon and you’re wondering if you can make money by selling their products, then you might want to read this article till the end as we’ve made sure to include every information you need to get started and make money.

In this article, you will learn how to start selling Avon products, how and when you will get paid, alternative products you can also sell to make money, and of course, you will also learn if selling these products are worth it! So, without further ado – let’s dive right in and find out can you make money selling Avon.

How to Get Started Selling Avon Products

How to Get Started Selling Avon Products

Okay, you’ve heard great stories about how others have earned a living by selling makeup products like Avon and you don’t want to be left behind by the money-making train, but you don’t know how to get on board. Pay close attention as you’re about to learn how it all works and if selling Avon worth it in the long run.

Avon is quite popular around the world as is well known as one of the best companies in the cosmetics industry.  Getting on board the Avon train is quite simple and the process is quick.

There are 2 basic ways to sign up to sell Avon products which could be through an Avon representative (you might have so many of them swarming around to sign you up as this is also one way to make money) or by visiting the company’s website.

Let’s start off with the easier route – going through the website. If you’re planning on selling Avon online this can also help give you a bit better insight to the program as well.

Going Through the Avon Website and Looking at Avon Starter Kits

The first step: Once you get to the sign-up page, simply fill the boxes with your information. You will be required to fill in your name, e-mail address, and other contact information.

Once you’re done with this stage, expect to get a call from a representative of the Avon team to complete your sign-up process and get you started. Don’t worry, the call isn’t an interview – so you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about.

Basically, the call is to get you informed about how things work as well as the possibilities that could be achieved by joining Avon.

Once you’re good to go, you’d be sent some enrollment paperwork to fill out or if there’s an Avon representative close to your location, they might be asked to meet with you to discuss the process further (it’ll be great if you can develop a good relationship with this person as they can help you if you have any questions about growing your business).

Next: Once you’re through with filling the enrollment paperwork, you will be required to pay a sign-up fee. Depending on what part of the world you live in, the sign-up fee might vary. Here in the United States, the fee is around $25 which covers your Avon start-up kit.

Contained in this kit are information about sales, what it will cost you, as well as your potential return on investment. In this kit are also brochures for either an ongoing campaign or an upcoming one, an order book, and you might also find a few delivery bags. All of which would probably be delivered to you in a black Avon bag.

Going Through A Representative

As mentioned earlier, bringing people on board is one of the ways to make money as an Avon representatives. So, you know anyone who sells Avon products, you can easily ask them to help you sign up. Close friends can also give you insights that you may not find online.

Great! Once you’re done with signing up, you’re ready to go off selling and making money. But to make the process easy and effective for you, Avon offers extensive online training to help her representative achieve their desires – to make money! You might want to enroll in the training before you set out to sell the products.

How do you Make Money Selling Avon Products?

How do you Make Money Selling Avon Products

Your Earnings as an Avon Representative

Now, let’s talk about making money by becoming an Avon representative. Hope you haven’t that the first way to make money is by getting more people to sign up to become new Avon reps. Signing up new representatives to join Avon is a great way to get the ball rolling on your earnings.

Earnings from Avon Sales

As an Avon representative, you will be paid 50% of your sales during your first campaign which usually lasts for about 2 weeks. However, these sales do not include items that are tag “specialty items” such as décors, jewelry, clothes, etc. These “specialty items” have fixed earnings – 20% straight up!

Once you log into the Avon website you will be able the view the Avon earnings chart on the different products that are offered.

If you can make minimum sales of about $50 during your first campaign, Avon will pay you up to 50% of your sales for the next three campaigns. So you see, you can earn up to 50% on your first four campaigns. After that Avon will pay you based on your overall sales. You can also earn money from tips from customers.

Earning from website

Keep in mind that selling Avon products should be taken as a business, and like every business today, an online presence is vital to an increase in sales.

One of the basic ways to kick start your online presence is by having a website and Avon offers each of her representatives an opportunity to own a personalized website they can use to run their business. However, having this personalized website isn’t free

To get your personalized website and online store could cost you around $7.50 (which wasn’t charged as of when this was written), this personalized website will most likely be the backbone of your income as an Avon representative as you can use the website to take orders, as well as receive payments.

Just make sure to name your website something simple and easy to remember – because it is a personalized website doesn’t mean you should go overboard with it.

You want the name of your website to be catchy, not confusing, and also easily remembered by your customers. For example, if Jane Doe decided to own a personalized website and then she decided to name her URL “j-jdoe,” you’d agree that most users might forget to include the “-“ whenever they want to visit.

This can have a devastating effect on your earnings, you might need to think things through before deciding on a URL for your personalized website.

Much of your earning as an Avon representative will depend on how much you can sell as well as how frequently you help others sign up to also become a representative. One thing about selling Avon is that helping other earn helps you earn as well.

Best Way to Sell Avon Products

Best Way to Sell Avon Products

Now that you have an idea of how much you can earn as a representative, it’s time to learn some effective ways you can make sales and boost your earning, knowing that – the more you sell, the more you sell.

Being an Avon representative isn’t so different from running a direct sales business – rewards are based on the effort put in. That mentioned, let’s learn 6 ways to sell your Avon products or any other products (Mary Kay)

One Simple Method is to Tap into Your Social Network

Starting as a Avon representative can be daunting. Here you are, without a customer base and a sales target to meet. Get off the mark by pitching to your family and friends. Since they are already familiar with you, they most likely patronize you and as you know, there’s no greater incentive than seeing your business start earning some cash right from the get-go!

You can also encourage your friends to tell their friends, that way you get to run a sort of snowball advertisement which is great to get you the publicity you need as you kickstart your Avon business.

You can also ask them to make and share videos of them using the products. You can also use these videos to get more people to purchase from you as people tend to buy from those who have sold products to others.

Employ Social Media in Your Avon Selling Strategy

Employ Social Media in Your Avon Selling Strategy

No matter how great what you sell is, how you sell also matters. Taking advantage of social media allows you to add a touch of your personality and attract more people to your business.  No doubt this will require you to put in the effort, but here’s the trick – don’t think about what you’d give, but think about what you’d gain.

It’s old news that there are millions of people using social media daily. Selling on social media offers you the opportunity to increase your sales by connecting with more people. You can share videos of your customers reviewing the products, fun content – anything your target audience can resonate with.

As you share these contents on your social media page, you can easily include a link to take people to your personalized website. You can also run ads to reach more people and make more sales on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

It might be beneficial for you to have a separate account apart from your personal account for your Avon business. It makes it easier to track the effectiveness of social media on your business.

Do a Yard Sale for your Products

Making money as an Avon representative will largely depend on your customer base and downline. An easy way to go about building your customer base is by setting up a table in your neighborhood.

This can be very effective since it’s your neighborhood – most people would have seen your face around which creates a level of familiarity, which is great for you to pitch your business.

Also, most people who would approach your table would most probably be interested in your products, hence it’s a great way to quickly build a customer base. Being knowledgeable about the product is also important to, as some will have all sorts of questions about Avon and becoming a representative.

Even though you’re just starting as an Avon representative, there’s so much that can be achieved right away. You can generate leads and build a strong customer base by having people take surveys.

You can do this by having samples of your products on your table, then inviting people to test these products as share their thoughts. Keep in mind to keep the forms short as you don’t want to scare people away – make sure vital information such as their contact address is captured.

Having enough brochures on your table can also help you in the long run to make sales. Simply do well to make sure that the necessary information about your business such as your personalized website (if you have one), contact address, etc. are contained in the brochure. Remember to always have your reference code included in any materials that you hand out.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Everyone loves good content – in whatever form, good content captures the mind of its target audience and keeps your business top of their minds, making it easier for them to patronize you.

One way to make sales as an Avon representative is to push out good content. Customers love to learn new ways to use cosmetic products, so you want to take advantage of this by pushing out content that teaches customers ways to use cosmetics and also maintain these products.

You can do this through newsletters, social media, and blog posts. When you push out great content to your customers, that shares your personal experiences with the products, tips, and suggestions, your customers will be drawn to always learn from you. This can also help you make more sales.

Use "Thank you" Notes with Any Sales

Use “Thank you” Notes with Any Sales

When you begin to make those sales, you do not want to get carried away with celebration. Always do well to send a thank you note to everyone who buys from you, let them know that you’re excited about them patronizing you and how you’re looking forward to getting their reviews.

This shows the customer you appreciate them and would make them more likely to patronize you in the future.

Always make sure to include a complimentary card as you send the thank you note so they know how to contact you in the future.

Invest in Advertising Locally

Invest in Advertising Locally

In a digital world, it’s quite easy to focus all your efforts on digital marketing, but you don’t what to underestimate the power of advertising locally.

You can print flyers to share in your community and other visible places in your community. You can also reach out to store owners or managers in your community to ask for permission to post your flyers in their stores.

Hairstylists and makeup artists in your community are also those you want to reach out to – they can either patronize you or refer you to others who need your products.

So, Is Selling Avon Products Worth It?

So, Is Selling Avon Products Worth It?

The simple answer is – Yes! It can be. How much you will make as an Avon representative will depend on how you take the business. You will need to see it as a business and not something you’re just doing for fun. To make the best of the opportunity, you will need to build a strong customer base and get new people to also become representatives through you.


Getting started as an Avon representative is quite easy, you can do that by applying through the website or an Avon representative. You can make 50% earnings on your first four campaigns. After that, your earnings will be determined by how much you sell. Treat it like a business, not a hobby.

Either you’re selling Avon products or you’re selling alternatives like Mary Kay, to succeed, you will need to put in the effort to reach customers and not wait for them to simply find you.

If you’re ready to get started with this work at home business be sure to check out the Avon website here.

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