Conduent Work from Home Requirements That You Should Consider

Conduent Work from Home Requirements That You Should Consider

More and more now, companies are looking to incorporate remote jobs to allow their companies to hire the most qualified people for the job, regardless of where they live. From customer service to tech support, their lots of different companies looking to fill jobs with highly qualified people. One of these companies is Conduent. Here are some Conduent work from home requirements that you should consider if you are planning on working there.

Conduent Work from Home Requirements That You Should Consider

What Is Conduent

Starting as a divesture of the Xerox company, Conduent is a major name in information technology, services and solutions. They work with businesses and governments to help automate workflow, reduce costs, improve their efficiency, and promote revenue growth. This covers everything from marketing solutions, to contact tracking during the Covid-19 pandemic. Conduent is essentially a go to for growth and innovation.

Conduent Working from Home

What Jobs Are Available with Conduent?

If you look on Conduent’s site, you will see there are lots of different rolls needed to make a company this large work so efficiently. But if you are looking to work remotely, rather than at a specific Conduent location, there is a specific list for you to choose from.

Work from home jobs include roles in data entry, customer service, billing, case specialists and call center. While you may be able to find remote jobs in other categories, you will mostly see people needed for customer service and call centers more than anything. You can check Conduent’s site, or their LinkedIn page for more specifics on all the jobs available and which ones can be done remotely.

What Does Conduent Look for In Their Employees?

If you want to have any chance of a successful application to Conduent, there are some basic requirements you must meet. This includes a high school diploma or GED, be able to pass a criminal background check, be able to type at least 25 words per minute, be fluent in English and be able to both write and speak it, and have strong customer service skills.

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As mentioned, this is the absolutely minimum needed to be hired for a remote Conduent job, so if someone applies with more to offer, they will be chosen. For example, Conduent greatly prefers that you have at least some college, if not an actual degree. Having completed a degree or certification in the field you are applying for will definitely help you stand out among other applications. Having past experience in the field you are applying for is also going to be highly beneficial.

Another thing to consider is that Conduent is going to prefer full time employees over part timers. They want to have people they can rely on and who will be able to take on 40 or more hours a week. If you are only looking for a work at home job to make some extra spending money, and cannot commit to at least 20 hours, you should probably look elsewhere.

Are There Any Other Qualifications Required?

Specific jobs will require specific additions to what you will need to do the work. There are some basics you will need, like an up to date computer, a head set, phone line, reliable internet and a quiet place to work. This last one is crucial for anyone who wants to be able to work remotely or from their home.

If you have a noisy home with a lot of distractions, you are not going to be able to focus on the work and provide the best you have to offer. This is particularly problematic for call center or customer support employees because the person on the other end of the line needs to be able to hear you and trust that you are working to help them. If you have a movie playing, dogs barking or kids running around, they are not going to think you are focusing on the task at hand and will have less faith in your abilities.

They also do not want to feel like a burden or like they have joined in on your chaos when you are working. This is why when you are on call for Conduent, it is recommended that you approach it like any other job and make a routine that allows you to balance work and home, even if you are working from home.

Is It All Done Remotely?

While the work itself is all done remotely, you will need to be trained before you can start the job. Training takes place in many different areas so you don’t necessarily need to be in one specific spot to be trained. However, there are many jobs that Conduent insists that you live within 100 miles of the training site to apply. Some jobs may be able to do part of the training online, but it is unlikely to get away with no in person training whatsoever.

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What Is Training Like for Conduent?

Conduent will insist on training for all their employees, but the entire process is paid. Depending on what area you are working in, training can vary in length. But you will not see anything lasting more than two weeks. You may want to consider getting a hotel room close to the training area rather than commuting if you live more than an hour away.

What Are the Hours Like?

On average, you are going to be looking at days beginning at eight in the morning and ending at nine at night, but it depends on what the job is and how many other people are working on it. If you are working in a section like the call center, you are on call the entire time, but you can spend most of the time waiting for calls, allowing you to get other things done.

How Much Can You Expect to Make?

Depending on your position and how much you can work, you can expect to earn between eight to seventeen dollars an hour. In addition to the pay, you will also see benefits from Conduent.

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What Is Your Employment Level When Working Remotely?

Unlike many other work from home jobs, Conduent views you as an employee, rather than an independent contractor or freelancer. Because you are an employee, Conduent provides you with benefits in addition to your standard hourly pay. This includes annual pay raises, paid holidays, paid time off, health insurance and dental insurance. However, none of this starts until you have been an employee for at least six months at their company.

How Do You Apply for Conduent?

If you want to apply for a remote job with Conduent, you can first go to their website or a site like FlexJobs or Indeed. Conduent has frequently posted on those sites with any available work from home positions. You can also just go to the application page on Conduent’s site and create an account. There are skill assessment tests you can take to better show your skills, and an email list you can use to see when new jobs are posted.


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