Easy Content Moderation Jobs that You Can Start Quickly from Home

Easy Content Moderation Jobs that You Can Start Quickly from Home

Not every company relies on customer service as their main form of helping people visiting their site. In fact, most forego phone calls and chats in favor of community run support. And these companies have content moderation jobs instead of traditional support staff.

Easy Content Moderation Jobs that You Can Start Quickly from Home

While you may think that this is a way to save money by avoiding paying for support, it is not always the case. There are in fact companies that will pay for you to moderate their community pages and provide valuable and accurate information to potential customers. If you are trying to find work from home, this can be a valuable option if you are familiar with the sites and their products.

A content moderation job is similar to work from home help desk jobs but instead of talking to customers on the telephone most of it is done online using chat or forums. In fact, some of the content moderation jobs don’t require you to interact with customers at all. Here’s how.

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What Is A Community Page or Forum?

A community page is used by websites as a way for both the staff of the site and those who have become customers to answer any questions you may have. They also work to provide you with general information like contacts, FAQs and articles about the site. The community can communicate with one another, and visitors to the site and ask or look up questions to see what the community has to say.

Why Does It Need A Content Moderator?

Moderators are used to better organize the information being shared on the community page and make sure it will be appropriate for the site. This can be as simple as helping to answer questions, or more complicated like having to read through posts and remove people who are not behaving appropriately. Moderators also help to make the community feel more like an actual group, rather than just random people gathered on one site.

How Do You Get A Job as A Content Moderator?

Much like any other job, you will need to contact the company under their careers section and apply for it. Most companies will look for someone with experience as a moderator, as well as some form of training, either through experience or college degrees.

The more experience you have, the better you will look to potential hirers. However, you may be able to obtain the job by working as an unpaid moderator first, then moving up after proving yourself. All companies are going to be looking for the best candidate for the job, so no experience at all and no history with the site’s topic will definitely make it harder to find work where you are paid right from the start.

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How Much Can You Make Doing Content Moderation Jobs?

It really depends on your hours and the site you are working for in terms of how much you will be making. Some sites may choose to pay you per question, while others will pay you hourly, daily, or just a fixed amount for your services. But there have been reports of people making $27,000 a year moderating a community for online sites. That is because there are sites that will pay you between minimum wage and up to $17 an hour.

Can You Work from Home?

Most companies are more than willing to let you work remotely if that means you are available to work more hours. Having someone ready and willing to answer questions as soon as they come in is highly desirable to clients, so as long as you can do that, they won’t care where you work.

Companies That Will Hire You to do Content Moderation from Home

Companies That Will Hire You to do Content Moderation from Home

Some of the best companies that will pay you to moderate their communities are:

99 Dollar Social

This site is used to provide people with current and interesting content for their social media sites. The company behind it is frequently hiring people for moderating their community and social media content specialists. This is a site where they definitely look for someone with expertise, so it is not likely to be hired without any previous experience.

Alchemic Dream

This site is dedicated to the computer gaming industry, so you must have experience in that field. They will be looking for people from all over the world, who have gaming knowledge, and can moderate community forums and social media accounts. Those who speak multiple languages will be viewed as more preferable to those who only speak one language.


Ask.com is a site that runs on moderation and answering questions. For this reason, this site will be hiring full time contract moderators, but will not hire often.


While only occasionally looking for moderators, it will be full time contract work.

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While this site does not hire frequently in the United States, they are looking for content analysts that can work remotely and moderate user-generated content over client websites.

The Social Element

One of the most frequently hiring sites, The Social Element is always looking for people to moderate and manage community pages. You can work anywhere worldwide, only needing to know English and have a reliable internet connection. Simply apply via their email contact if interested.


While they are not always hiring, and will only be looking for people in the United States and Canada, this is one of the few paying moderating jobs that will train you. That means there is not a strict requirement for previous experience, but it still helps when in competition for the position.

Ignite Social Media

A United States only position, this company can offer work from home positions from time to time.


To be hired by Lithium for an at home moderator position, you will need to have at least some previous experience in the field. However, this job does offer very flexible work hours if hired.

Live World

Listed under “customer service agent”, you can apply to Live World for a moderating position with no prior experience in the field. This site is almost always hiring, and the job will entail both community page moderation and social media management.

Crisp Thinking

Hiring people worldwide, Crisp Thinking is looking for at home social media moderators to be paid hourly. Depending on your experience level and capabilities, you can be paid between $10 and $15 for every hour of work you complete.

Metaverse Mod Squad

There are lots of different topics that need to be covered with this site, so make sure you go with one you have experience with.


Yelp is such a hugely popular site, that it is almost always looking for content moderators. The online positions will be under the “Jobs” page and “Community” heading, but come positions will only be available in certain areas. If you really want to work as a content moderator, it is worth checking back at least once a week to see if there is something in your area available.


Zynga has a wide range of online games they manage, so they occasionally will be looking for someone to moderate the pages for specific games. Prior experience with moderating and the games are important to get you a preferable spot above other applicant.

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