Does Fiverr Take a Cut of Tips

Tipping Your Freelancer: Does Fiverr Take a Cut of Tips?

While tipping on Fiverr is optional, and at the buyer’s discretion, it’s important to note that Fiverr applies its standard 20% fee to tips, which are processed like regular orders and are non-refundable and non-cancellable.

The culture of tipping on freelance platforms reflects how we value the discretionary effort and expertise that professionals bring to their work. It’s an acknowledgment of a job well done, often given for exceptional service, quick turnaround times, or work that exceeds expectations. 

On platforms like Fiverr, tipping has become a common way to express gratitude, and it contributes positively to the relationship between clients and freelancers, fostering an environment where excellence is recognized and rewarded.

Tipping Your Freelancer: Does Fiverr Take a Cut of Tips?

Minimum Tip on Fiverr

Tipping is not mandatory on Fiverr, so effectively, the minimum would be 0. The platform suggests a minimum of $5 as an acceptable tip for a job well done, and this is what’s listed to the buyer when asked if they want to tip. This is merely a guideline, and clients are free to decide how much they want to tip based on their budget and the quality of work delivered. 

Fiverr’s Policy on Tipping

Fiverr encourages clients to tip if they feel the service has genuinely impressed them but does it without putting pressure on either party. Officially, the platform maintains a stance that benefits freelancers and buyers — Fiverr takes commission from tips. This means that freelancers receive 80% of the gratuities given by clients, and Fiverr gets their standard 20% fee.

In this image, the buyer tipped $5 for a service, and when the order appeared on the earning page, it was only $4, meaning that Fiverr got 20%. 

In the image below, the buyer tipped $5 for a service, and when the order appeared on the earning page, it was only $4, meaning that Fiverr got 20%. 

The tipping feature on Fiverr is straightforward and user-friendly. After a gig is completed and the freelancer has been paid the agreed-upon price for their service, clients can leave a tip of various pre-set amounts or a custom amount. The tip can be given right after the order is completed or even after the service is reviewed, ensuring that clients have ample flexibility to show their gratitude.

Wait for Tips to Clear

It’s worth noting that tipping is processed the same way as orders on Fiverr and will only clear after 14 days. If a client tips with their order, the tip amount will take up to two weeks to appear in the freelancer’s account.

Tips are Not Subject to Cancellation

Unlike orders on Fiverr, tips cannot be canceled. This also means they are not eligible for refunds, so clients should only tip if they are satisfied with the service. 

Tips Vs. Service Fees: Understanding the Difference

The distinction between tips and service fees is essential for clients and freelancers. A tip is voluntary money given over and above the agreed-upon price for a service. It is a token of gratitude for the freelancer’s stellar performance or exemplary service. On the other hand, a service fee is a mandatory charge, often compulsory and fixed, that a platform like Fiverr might impose to use its services. 

tip is discretionary and not required; clients give it at their own will, benefiting the freelancer. In contrast, service fees are automatically included in the purchasing process and are a revenue stream for the platform. Users of Fiverr must distinguish between these two as they impact the final payout for the freelancer and the overall cost for the client.

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