7 Easy Fiverr Jobs that are Great For Beginners

Making money online can be very tough for beginners. There are so many different opportunities that may seem legit but only end up costing you more money just to try them. There is one website that can give you a great income working from home and it’s called Fiverr.

Fiverr has been around for many years and is one of the most popular freelance websites on the internet. Anyone can sign up for Fiverr and start selling services or even physical products. The service is geared towards digital goods and services however.

While Fiverr is a great way to make an extra income or even a full time income, you’ll need to know what services you should offer. We’ll list 7 of the easy Fiverr jobs that are great even for beginners.

7 Easy Fiverr Jobs that are Great For Beginners

Signing up for Fiverr is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply plug in your email and create a password and verify and you’re set. You’re ready to offer a service to the world.

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Since Fiverr reaches millions of people a month it’s a great way to reach potential buyers without marketing or paid advertisements. But if you’re not selling the right service you may be out of luck.

We’ll look into what makes Fiverr a great choice and what you should look for in a gig below.

Easy Fiverr Jobs For Beginners

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace where buyer and sellers visit to basically buy and sell services. Most of these services are digital and can be delivered electronically. There are many different categories where you can buy and sell services.

Fiverr has a base fee of $5 for each gig (hence the name). The buyer is also responsible for a $2 transaction fee as well making the basic gig $7 rather than $5.

Since Fiverr handles all the payment details and transactions you won’t need to do any of that as a seller. You simply wait for the order to come in and deliver them to get paid.

The Cost of Doing Business on Fiverr

The basic gig on Fiverr sells for $5 but there are other amounts that you may be able to charge. As a seller you will receive 80% of the gig price. So, selling a $5 service on Fiverr will only net you $4.

Any payments you receive from Fiverr will only clear after a 14 day period. So once a buyer accepts the delivery of the service, in 14 days you can withdraw the funds to your Paypal or bank account.

If you decide to withdraw to Paypal you won’t be charged any Paypal fees however, if you decide to withdraw to a bank account with direct deposit you may have to pay a small fee.

Easy Fiverr Jobs that Anyone Can Do

Relationship Coach

1 – Relationship Coach

A popular service that many has many buyers is relationship related. Helping someone set up their dating app profiles and basically being a listener to their problems.

You may also notice none of these gigs displayed in the image is $5. While $5 is the basic service charge there are many gigs that can be much, much more. If you’re just starting out it’s best to charge the minimum until you get a few reviews on your profile.

For more services that are related to this type of gig be sure to check out the Lifestyle section on Fiverr.

Fiverr Jobs User Testing

2 – User Testing

Many website owners and app developers need users to test their products and services before it’s released to the public. This can help to identify errors and problems which the developer can then fix.

As a Fiverr service you can test these products to see just what may be wrong. You may also want to review the products as well. The products can range from websites to apps and even games.

If you’re interested in this type of gig you can also check out our recent post about testing websites and apps for a work at home job.

You’ll find these easy Fiverr gigs in the Industries Category on Fiverr.

Influencer Marketing 

3 – Influencer Marketing

Have a social media account that has a lot of followers? Sell a shout out on the account for a profit. You may have to promote a product or service from a company that wants more brand exposure.

There are services available for all the major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Depending on the number of followers you currently have it may be a great way to add an additional income simply by doing something you’re already doing.

Writing Articles or Blog Posts

4 – Writing Articles or Blog Posts

There is always a call for writers on Fiverr. And if you’re fluent in English then you can probably write as much as you can handle. The key is to selling the articles on Fiverr for a profit.

While you may be able to sell articles on Fiverr if they take you a few hours to write it’s not worth the $5 you’ll make from it. Since you can use software such as Google Docs to write the articles you won’t have much of an investment.

And if you can’t type fast then you may want to consider using a speech to text app on Google Docs. For more information on using speech to text be sure to check out this video below:

If you can type fast you may not want to use the speech to text app but it can save tremendous amount of time for slow typers if you plan on selling content or articles.

Voice Overs

5 – Voice Overs

Have a great voice and a microphone? Then consider doing voice over work on Fiverr. Many buyers need voice over services for videos and other marketing.

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If you have a unique accent you may even do much better on Fiverr. Take a look at some of the gigs above and you can see just how popular this type of work is and is a great way for anyone to make money online at Fiverr.

Research Jobs

6 – Research Jobs

There are many work at home opportunities for research jobs. From article research to software research, check out some of the Fiverr jobs that are available. If you can do basic web research then you can likely offer a gig such as this on Fiverr.


7 – Proofreading

There are many work from home job opportunities available for proofreading on Fiverr. Check out some of the proofreading jobs from the image above and you can see just how popular these gigs are.

Most proofreading jobs on Fiverr are simple and only require a minimal time investment making it a great opportunity for a Fiverr beginner. You may need to proofread books, articles, or even technical documents for accuracy.

You may also want to use a tool to help if you offer this gig such as the services available at Grammarly.

Fiverr Jobs You Should Avoid

Fiverr Jobs You Should Avoid

I hope you’ve enjoyed the list of the best and easy Fiverr jobs you can do even if you’re a beginner but with so many Fiverr jobs out there, it may be more helpful to find out just how to determine what sells.

One of the best ways to determine what sells and what doesn’t is by looking at the feedback of similar gigs. From my experience, only about half of every Fiverr users leave feedback. So if a Fiverr gig has 50 feedbacks chances are they have sold at least 100 of those services.

Another thing you’ll need to consider when determining if a Fiverr service is going to sell is that you won’t know what was sold on the Fiverr gig. You will only know that a gig was sold.

Once you start selling gigs and moving up in levels you will be able to offer more services rather than the basic service. In either case, it’s best to find a gig that has many feedbacks. You don’t want to promote a service which only has a few gigs with a few feedbacks.

Remember, as a new seller you will be limited in the number of services you offer. Make sure you choose a Fiverr gig that actually sells so you can make money.

7 Easy Fiverr Jobs

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