Making the Most from Fiverr Freelance Writing as a Side Hustle

Making the Most from Fiverr Freelance Writing as a Side Hustle

Let us be honest, one source of income is never enough and that is why the best of countries have to diversify their economy to give it more stability and profit. In the same vein, average individuals cannot solely depend on one means of income, the bills are only getting higher.

However, there is great news if you like writing and communication skills, and if you would like to make extra income from such skills or take it up as a side hustle, then consider Fiverr freelance writing for an extra income or side hustle.

Start Earning Money from Fiverr Freelance Writing Gigs

One of the platforms that allow you to express this creative skill of writing is the reputable freelance organization called Fiverr. It’s free to join and a great place for even beginners to who want to start a writing career to grow.

Start Earning Money from Fiverr Freelance Writing Gigs

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is simply one of the companies that offer a freelancing marketplace to millions across the globe. It is a well-known international organization that is safe, secure, and reliable.

Fiverr was founded in 2010, as an online marketplace and a platform that enables freelancers to offer their $5+ services to customers all over the world. Fiverr was established by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman with headquarters situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. In September 2018, Fiverr recorded 35.95M monthly visits. Also, it is estimated to facilitate around one million transactions, each month.

How to Start Content Writing on Fiverr?

It’s very simple to start offering writing jobs on Fiverr. You create an account by signing up with your name and email. Respond to the verification in your email and you are good to go. You may also need to phone verify your account but there is usually a grace period of 30 days to do so.

However, you can take a few minutes around the website before deciding to sign up. You can check out the community areas to know what are the current hot topics or reviews on Fiverr.

Create an Account on Fiverr to Get Started

1. Create an Account on Fiverr to Get Started

It is easy to set up an account for free. Fiverr is a freelancing market place

And one of the very best in services as well. They are safe, secure, and reliable. However, to be successful in Fiverr you need to deliver good content. This means your work should be with little or no fluffs, good use of grammar, create original content without any element of plagiarism. This can be done with the assistance of plagiarism checkers online, or Copyscape, and Grammarly or any service that creates a similar service.

However, if you’re not interested in becoming a freelance writer, Fiverr is not limited to just that, other skills like graphic design or videography can be marketed on Fiverr. You can upload content on your specialty weekly to make people who offer jobs in your specialty see your expertise.

Also, it’s very important to get positive reviews. Who doesn’t love a five-star? It sets the right impression to job offers that they are working with the best. When you over deliver, those top reviews will help you get more orders. Not to mention tips can also be given to freelance writers on Fiverr.

2. Fill out your Fiverr profile.

This is easy as reciting A, B, C. All you need is a photo and brief info in your bio. Apart from these two, there is nothing left other than to choose one’s language.

Post Your First Product or Gig on Fiverr

3. Post Your First Product or Gig on Fiverr:

This is also relatively easy, you click a gig and you land on a page where you just need to answer questions. You put up a creative logo or whatever you feel represents your particular writing. The photo is compulsory. After posting a bit about what you offer and submit, it goes live immediately.

Make Offers to Potential Buyers

4. Make Offers to Potential Buyers

After posting a gig, there will be access to published requests that people may have. You must act fast because others definitely will. In the beginning, you will be limited to one offer per day but as you increase in level, there will be an opportunity for multiple offers. The limitation is to protect buyers from excessive emails.

What every beginner must know to make money on Fiverr

1. Have a Specialty When it comes to Freelance Writing Jobs

This is essential, there are different types of writing and one should not be a jack of all trades but master of none. There are a couple of writing works out there; ghostwriting, copywriting, SEO, essay, academic, letter, fiction, comic writing, and a whole lot. It is essential one has to knows one’s specialty as this makes the work easier and enjoyable.

Most buyers are looking to find freelance writers who can focus on their niche. Offering services related to that niche can help you land more writing gigs on Fiverr and help your overall Fiverr writing gigs.

So questions like this should ruminate through your mind.

What type of writing do you love? How many words can you write sufficiently? Once you put this place then you can go ahead to set other things in place.

Research The Topic

2. Research The Topic

Your niche simply means people that are demanding services in your area of specialty. One must choose a niche where there is high demand as this provides jobs easy and consistently, however, such fields are very competitive and prices are low-driven.

Furthermore, once you get a online job you research must understand the topic before penning words down. More often than not we write based on presumption but top-quality works are very detailed, specific and authorities are well cited.

There may be many other online writers who offer the same service as you but don’t fret. If there are many writers for hire, chances are it’s a popular niche which buyers are wanting to hire freelance writers.

3. Get your writing materials ready

A farmer without farming equipment is only going to waste precious time on the farm. That’s similar to the Fiverr writing jobs marketplace. If a writer is not ready with the writing tools then they may not get the project. Writing tools can either be on your phone or computer like Microsoft Word, Google docs, WPS office, and a host of others.

More so, a stable internet connection is essential to the writer. Also, you may need to pay for some editing services to help detect fluffs or plagiarism to give optimum satisfaction to your clients. When you offer freelance writing services on Fiverr make sure you’re able to deliver what you promise in the time allowed for the project.

You must have a storage device that you can easily back up your work in case of accidents or theft and you are not condemned to start again or terminate the agreement. Trust me your review will not be good if something of that nature happens.

Google Drive will be a good backup choice or any other similar service.

Market Yourself as a Writer for Hire

4. Market Yourself as a Writer for Hire

Marketing is the soul of business. You cannot do without marketing in the corporate world and not in Fiverr as well. Fiverr is extremely competitive as people offer freelance from all over the world. You have to set yourself apart from day one when offering freelance writer services. You can create a social media profile to advertise yourself or ask family and friends to recommend you for writing works on Fiverr.

5. Be Creative with Your Work

Writing is an art and every artist is measured by their creativity. A client who is impressed by the creativity you put into your writing will be interested in working with you again and could even pay a higher rate. This means on Fiverr whatever your hands find to scribble, scribble it well. Try to see things from intelligent perspectives that will not mix-up your work but give it an artistic effect. Your writing should be enjoyable to read, informative, and educating.

These are essential things that every beginner must know to make money writing on Fiverr or any freelance platform that allows for hiring writers online.

Is Fiverr worth it financially

Is Fiverr worth it financially?

Fiverr is worth it financially, however, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes hard work and consistently delivering top-notch content. Some professional writers for hire say they got a start on Fiverr.

To make money on Fiverr you can start with limiting the amount of work you will do for $5. You simply specify the word count you will do for $5. That means if a buyer wants more than that, they purchase as many gigs as possible to meet up with the number.

The other way is to work diligently and increase your level. First, work hard and consistent enough to hit level one, then work on getting to level two, you make a whole lot of money on both levels, thereafter it is left to the server of Fiverr to promote you to buyers.

Level One: According to Fiverr’s policy when you get to level one you are getting serious. It requires that you have been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record. You will automatically be promoted to Level One.

Level Two: when you enter this level you have secured tickets to what they call the Pro League. The requirements are; You made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record.

Getting Paid When Writing Freelance on Fiverr

One great component of Fiverr is that once the gig has been paid for you do not have to wait until a specific payday. You simply access the revenues area of your account by clicking on the ‘withdraw’ button. The funds will subsequently be transferred into your preferred account. They will take from 14 to 17 days to clear however. And you can only withdraw funds once per day.

Fiverr does allow PayPal payments. However, there is another option and that is to a debit card depending on your country of residence or bank cards. The cards are distributed with the Fiverr logo from Payoneer. You can use the debit cards as you would use any other card. You have the option to add all of your Payoneer partner accounts to a single card. This makes it easier to access your payments.

How much does Fiverr charge?

Each regular gig pays $5. This is not negotiable and it is irreplaceable. You get $4 for work and the site gets $1 as commission. This means Fiverr gets 20% of your successful deals.

What's the difference between Fiverr and Freelancer

What’s the difference between Fiverr and Freelancer

The world is shifting from the traditional Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm routine to something way more liberating. It comes as no surprise, there are now tons of websites to facilitate the buying and selling of freelance services online.

There are a lot of users on Fiverr and another freelance marketplace called Freelancer. It is estimated that 57.3 million freelancers either works part-time or full time in the United States of America alone. Many of those workers will be signed up to at least one of the many online freelance networks namely; Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.

The major difference between Fiverr vs Freelancer simply are:

Fiverr simply is best for one to offer services as a freelancer. In contrast, Freelancer allows you post job offers and projects for aspiring freelancers to look into it. Once you start content writing Fiverr then you can also start with Freelancer to have more than one income stream for your freelance writer for hire business.

Fiverr collects 20% of freelancers gain, while Freelancer comes with monthly plans with different ranges that freelancers have to pay for.

Fiverr is best suited for works like a one-off gig, unlike Freelancer that gives more opportunities for offers that will last for long-term.

Freelancer is similar to Fiverr, only differently structured. It has almost 40 million users, with up nearly 17 million freelance jobs posted on their network! Freelancer’s marketplace cut across 247 countries. Freelancers is accessible in English, Dutch, and Turkish languages.

Fiverr can be accessed via Windows, Linux, Android, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other web-based devices. All these are also accessible on Freelancer, apart from Linux.

One key distinction is Freelancer is free for buyers while Fiverr is more seller-oriented (freelancers).

You also have to pay freelancers in advance on Fiverr. The good news for buyers though is there is a three-day period for digital goods and 14 days for shipped goods after completion of a project, where you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied. The protection is for the buyer at worst will only lose some of your time compared to Freelancer were work has to be completed before payment.

For More Freelance Work, Which is Better? Upwork or Fiverr

For More Freelance Work, Which is Better? Upwork or Fiverr

Fiverr and Upwork are huge freelance marketplace with a great level of competition.

Upwork, however had recently started to moderate and filter new freelancers. There have been several cases of new freelancers being denied sign up to the Upwork platform because a lot of writers exist already too that can do a particular skill.

This is peculiar to content writers and specialists of data entry. So first you are likely to start looking for work on. Fiverr before Upwork verifies your profile. So, if you want to know which platform is more hospitable to new freelancers, the answer is – Fiverr.

The Ease to Find Job

The major difference is the way Upwork and Fiverr operate which is that with the former you personally apply to job postings, while with the latter you have to wait for the clients to find your gig then contact you.

What is the implication in terms of job-finding ease? The competition is tough on both platforms and the first job is always often difficult to land, but a slight advantage is to Upwork.

There is an element of advantage in proactively look for a job, instead of passively hoping for customers to contact you. There is, in fact, a section of Fiverr that allows you to bid on client requests, but it is not nearly as developed with job applications compared to Upwork.

How to write a quality great buyer request for Fiverr

Why Template Proposals are a big fail?

Every buyer completely has a different frame of mind. On the first glance, one cannot completely understand what type of person a buyer is. If you keep doing every proposal done using the same template you are doing two things wrong:

1. It looks spammy to Fiverr.

You are not clicking in to what the buyer needs.

Remember the first tip: An effective buyer request proposal should always be unique and written by understanding what the buyer needs. Get into the mindset of the buyer by simply imagine you are the buyer.

2 Writing The Proposal

Ensure to make it concise and focused.

3. Be friendly

You can be friendly with buyers, but understand there are limits. It should not be “Let us have a bottle of drinks together tonight” though, but get comfortable with them. This helps build trust. This could secure long time relationships.

Be Yourself

4. Be Yourself

Being a new seller, you may not have a portfolio. Some people show fake portfolios from anywhere around the web to gain buyer’s trust. Take some time and write a good article that you can use to showcase your writing skills. You may also want to look at some of the Fiverr academic writing gigs that are offered for ideas.

Do not make your proposal beg “I’m hungry for your Money & getting orders!” Rather let it show that you genuinely want to help them. Don’t show a fake portfolio, instead, let them know that you have to knowledge required for the task.

5. Research the provided details

This is something you should spend about 2-3 minutes on. Usually, buyers rarely provide many details in their requests.

This is how the research thing works: you have to check what the buyer needs, then you explain to them how you can help them deliver what they are looking for.

Moreover, you gain more trust by letting them know that you will make it engaging as well.

6. Reading long paragraphs is boring

Some buyers just need something quick to get to know you. Especially on Fiverr, when we see long buyer requests we chose to not bid on them, the same goes with buyers too. So another great tip to remember: Keep things short. Buyers looking for writers for hire online typically look at many portfolios. Make sure yours is straight to the point.

7. Prove to the client you know what you are doing

In the end, buyers will always hire a freelance writer who they think is good at what they do.

You can use the terms related to your expertise. For example, if you give them suggestions about which plugins could be better for their website (WordPress Developer) they will trust you more and believe that you are an expert.

The most lucrative writing gig on Fiverr

The most lucrative writing gig on Fiverr

1. Business copy-writing, $100-$2,000

Finally, there are lucrative option for those who have a way with words as opposed to an interest in coding. Fiverr discovered business copy-writing to be one of its highest-paying category, selling for $100 to $2,000 per project. In the business copy-writing, Fiverr reports that writing press releases, blog posts, and SEO content have particularly high-paying potential among Fiverr online writing jobs.

2. C.V or Resume Writing

You do not need to be told that jobs are insufficient, if they were, you may not have considered freelancing. The unemployment rate has made a case of demand for freelance resume writers at an all-time high. Don’t know where to start? Begin with yourself. Write your resume!

Want to Get a Kick-Start for Your Fiverr Freelance Writing Gig?

It’s always best to start knowing the tips and tricks of the trade to give you that head start that can take months to learn on your own.

Download the 9to5 eBook on How to Make Money on Fiverr by clicking here. 




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