5 Freelance Sports Writing Jobs Online for Sports Enthusiasts

Quickly Find Freelance Sports Writing Jobs Online

Do you love sports and the excitement that comes along with it? If you’re a good writer then maybe you’d be interested in a freelance sports writing jobs online. We’ll list 5 places where you can find jobs as a freelance sports writer.

Quickly Find Freelance Sports Writing Jobs Online


If you love watching sports then why not turn that hobby into a side hustle that you can earn money from at home? Writing about sports online can be much easier than you may think and there are loads of places online that will pay you to do just that: write about sports.

When You Simply Can’t Find Work

Do you have trouble finding a place to actually put your sports knowledge to good use? While sharing knowledge online at forums and other places can certainly help to hone your craft the chances of you actually making money from it are slim to none.

So what can you do?

It’s not merely a question of what you should write about or who your audience is. In fact, there are sports writers all over the world that write about any number of different sports. From the latest NFL games to amateur’s badminton there is likely someone who writes about it.

Finding a Sports Writing Job Online

So, if there is a need for sports writers, why is it so hard to find work as a freelance sports writer? 

Because you’ve likely been looking in the wrong places. There are many sports websites and newsletters online which hire freelance sports writers and since there is always something new when it comes to sports, there is always a need for these sports writers.

We’ve compiled some easy freelance sports writing jobs below. And these jobs can help you make money online doing exactly what you love: sports.

The list of freelance jobs below can help you work at home simply providing your insight about sports. Check each job out and you’re sure to find one that you can use as a side hustle.

Can You Make it as a Freelance Writer?

While getting a job with a great company that pays well can be rewarding and certainly help you make money you can also create an opportunity for yourself as well. You can start to offer your writing services as a freelance writer. One of the best courses to help you learn to offer your services as a freelance writer can be found here.

Write about Sports Freelancing at Upwork

Write about Sports Freelancing at Upwork

There are loads of sports blogs and websites online that constantly need content. In the world of sports writing the content that is produced today usually doesn’t last so the need for more and more content is a given.

That leaves many site owners looking constantly for new writers and content producers. One place where they look for these freelancers is Upwork.

Upwork is a global marketplace where freelancers offer their services and businesses can buy services from these freelancers. It was formerly known as oDesk and has been one of the best spots to offer freelance writing services.


One of the biggest sports networks available today for freelancers to write for is SBNation. They have numerous content portals that allows you to promote and distribute your content related to sports.

In order to apply to write for SBNation be sure to check out their open positions here.

Keep in mind that they don’t always accept new writers and they may even close down the application process from time to time. You can still pitch them ideas however if you like. Send your pitch and they will get back to you on whether they will accept it or not.

Football sports writing

Parade Media

If you love football then Parade Media may be just the work at home job you’re looking for. That is, American football including NCAA and NFL football. Be sure to fill out their application form here and learn more about the opportunities they have available.

basketball sports writing


Being a fan is great but when you get to share your opinion with other fans it can take your level of the game even further. Fansided is geared towards basketball fans and they have great opportunities available to help you make money at home quickly.

You can check out the requirements and what they expect from their writers here.


Most people think that LWOS is more of a baseball themed resource but you can actually land quite a few other sports related jobs on LWOS. To learn more about their sports writing opportunities be sure to check them out here.



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