How to Create the Perfect AdSense Content without Hours of Work

How to Create the Perfect AdSense Content without Hours of Work

If you are a blog owner who is not getting the results they require from Google AdSense, it is important to understand why. AdSense is a wonderful tool for gaining revenue from your blog or website, but can be easily misleading if used incorrectly. In order to make your blog and AdSense work for you and obtain maximum earnings, you need to create the perfect AdSense content.

How to Create the Perfect AdSense Content without Hours of Work

To create the perfect AdSense content without hours of work, you should avoid confusing keywords, pick a great banner, use standard size Link Units in a practical way, be mindful of ad positioning, have captivating media and customized search keywords, supplement your AdSense with external sources, and check your scorecard widget often.

Whether you are brand new to using Google AdSense or simply a blog owner who is frustrated about not getting the results they want, creating the right content can help you get the traffic o your blog that you need in no time. With less work and more payoff, you will no longer be left wondering what you have done wrong. Start making money from Google AdSense today.

What is AdSense Click Through Rate?

A Google AdSense click-through rate, or CTR, is a number that represents exactly how many clicks you are receiving on your ads. This number is matched against how often a viewer has been to your blog or site versus how many clicks the ad actually gets. The click-through rate number is then converted into a percentage. For example, if your ads get 5 clicks out of every 100 impressions, or views, to your site, your Google AdSense CTR would become 5%. The Google AdSense CTR formula is a pretty simple one to remember and goes as follows:

Tour total number of cd clicks, divided by your total number of impressions, equals your total Google AdSense click-through rate.

How to Get the Most out of Your Google AdSense

Most content about Google AdSense is designed to teach you how to install and implement AdSense. It does not teach you about optimizing for it. In order to get the most out of your Google AdSense, you need to become an expert at deciphering potentially successful from potentially unsuccessful unit links and ad blocks. To get the most out of your Google AdSense, spending a little hands-on learning time can go a long way, saving you hours of work in the long run.

Picking the Very Best Banner Adds for Your Blog

When it comes to increasing your click-through rate, banner ads are one of the best ways to go. While blog and website visitors statistically dislike seeing ads on pages that they frequent, banner blogs are proven to be the least disliked of all the ads. This, in part, is due to the size options that banners come in, including 336×280 large rectangle banners that can sit snugly at the top of your site. Making sure that your banner is cohesive with your blog’s content will appeal to your visitors, rather than put them off.

If you have a blog about beekeeping, for example, a banner ad for honey or cute bee pajamas can take the edge off of having a big ad placed right on the top of your page. If you cannot control the content of your ad, try adjusting the color scheme to something that matches the rest of your blog.

Eight Quick and Simple Tips for Successful AdSense Revenue Increase

Since the original guide created by Google AdSense is quite limited when it comes to important AdSense information, it is important to gather your own set of steps when it comes to creating the very best AdSense content. Following these steps will not only save you hours of time, but it will also help you make more money from your smartly places AdSense content. Our nine quick steps for creating the best AdSense for you include:

Use Link Units in a Practical Way. Link Units, while very underused and underrated when it comes to AdSense options, truly have the ability to out-perform any leader boards. Simply add anywhere from one to three Link Units on a blog page or website, and it will receive the fast revenue increase that you are looking for.

Don’t use Oversized Link Units. Since there are so many different ad units that partners and users of Google are allowed to choose from, it is often very tempting to go with the largest ones. This, however, will have an adverse reaction. Make sure to pick a standard size Link Unit so that your page visitor does not get overwhelmed by your page. Common standard sizes include:

  • 300×250
  • 728×90
  • 160×600

Beware Your Positioning. Once you have chosen the size of your Link Units, it is also important to remember how the relative positioning of an ad can actually be even more important than where it is located. For example, putting an ad box above your page fold is typically a great move when it comes to revenue from relative clicks. This way, they are more likely to be viewed by more people.

Have Captivating Media. While AdSense allows you the option to either allow or restrict images, it is meant to allow both text and images in your AdSense settings. This will allow a greater group of ads for AdSense to choose from, essentially raising the potential for high click-through rates and eventual earnings. Additionally, ads with images in addition to text ad interest to your page.

Always Customize Your Search Settings. Customizing your search engine settings is one of the best ways to ensure that your site receives the most AdSense units possible. Customized settings will allow AdSense to place the right ads for your site rather than assigning them in a more random manner.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Scorecard Widget. When you look at your partner account with AdSense, there should be an in-dashboard health category. This is a scorecard widget that dissects your actual revenue optimization score and displays it to you in terms of revenue increase or decrease. Checking it often will help you learn about any errors you might be making when it comes to creating your AdSense for your pages.

Supplement Your AdSense. Even though AdSense only allows for a certain number of ad units on every page, some pages are actually able to fit more ads on them in both a functional and aesthetically pleasing way. If you want to increase your revenue and think that your pages can handle even more units, consider supplementing your AdSense with media ads from other providers for the best of both worlds.

Four Easy Considerations When Creating The Perfect AdSense Content

Creating the perfect AdSense content can be fast and easy when you know exactly what to do. Rather than worrying about which content will draw the most clicks, creating a checklist of tips and tricks that will cut out hours of work and offer many rewards for your minimal effort.

Don’t Forget To Excite Your Readers

When thinking about the best way to bring excitement to your page with ad space, it is often best to think about each page of your virtual blog as a physically printed newspaper or magazine. Just like a full-page ad in your favorite paper, it is important to choose vibrant and contrasting colors to grab the attention of your viewers rather than muted and forgettable tones. Your visual creativity is what matters when first attempting to get the attention of visitors. You can successfully do this by:

  • Adding bold text
  • Choosing vibrant colors
  • Creating contrast by adopting a clear background
  • Creating mystery with abstract images
  • Mixing it up by making different versions of the same ad
  • Sticking to no more than two different fonts for continuity

If creating your own visually stunning ad does not appeal to you or to your artistic abilities, hiring a professional graphic designer is a great way to go. You can quickly find a graphic designer on Fiverr. We’ve also listed some easy Fiverr jobs you can do for a side hustle as well.

Flashy Media and Graphics

Grab Your Visitor’s Attention with Flashy Media and Graphics

While bold and contrasting graphs and sleek backgrounds are a great way to ensure that your ad will get the most views, it is important to create AdSense content that will excite the viewer, as well as capture their attention. Flashy media, animation, and embedded pictures are a good way to tell the viewer a story that they can become invested in. Video editorials are also an often successful option, especially when adding keyword text to the video script.

Placement Is Everything

When putting AdSense content on your blog to engage user interaction, it is important to choose the best ad placement. Placing your ad up high on your page in the form of a banner is a great way to get your viewer’s attention the second they get to your page. Another option is to go above the page fold, where clicks statistically tend to be higher. Avoid placing ads at the bottom of your page or in the corners, otherwise, you could love clicks and revenue as if you had not even placed them at all.

Make Sure All Your Sites are On Point

Contrary to popular belief, your CTR, or click-through rate is actually calculated based on your total AdSense account. This means that depending on how many sites you run through this AdSense account, your average CTR score will be calculated between them all. If you run more than once blog or website through AdSense, make sure that all sites have a good number of captivating ads and click. If it turns out that you do have an AdSense site with a 0.03% or lower click-through rate, it is time to shut that site down.

Creating a Win-Win for Bloggers and Advertisers

When working within AdSense, letting advertisers place their individual business ads on your site or page banners will help increase your AdSense Unit Link click rate. This is because the more advertisers you have, the more viewers you will attract to your page. The more viewers that visit your blog, the more likely that some of those viewers will click not only one, but multiple ads, therefore increasing your AdSense revenue. While having advertisers put their own ads on your page can be a good idea, it is important to make sure that those ads meet the AdSense requirements for embedded codes.

Make More Money Without the Added Hours of HassleHow to Maximize your AdSense Earnings Quickly Without Endless Hours of Updating

Make More Money Without the Added Hours of Hassle

As a blog owner with your own blog or website, it is obvious that you do not want to add more hours of work to your already grueling schedule. While Google AdSense on its own does not necessarily teach and instruct you how to gain successful revenue from Unit Links and clicks, following our quick and easy steps for creating the perfect AdSense content can have you seeing fast profits without all those extra hours of tedious work.

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