How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything – 9 Ways to Start Today!

Making money online seems like the easiest way to make an income in our current financial climate. While there are a myriad of options for making money online, many of them either turn out to be scams or want you to pay money just to start earning money.

Although there are many online business courses out there that are great, for someone just starting and needing to earn money fast, it’s difficult to pay to learn how to earn money online. Rather than purchasing materials, books, or courses in order to start earning capital over the internet, consider finding a way to make money online without paying.

How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything


How to Make Money Online Without Paying Anything 9 Ways to Start Today

This post will focus more on methods and places that can help you with earning money online but some of the methods will have a wait time when getting paid.

Usually these wait times are less than a few weeks but some are longer and pay you per month. If you need a fast way to make money online be sure to check out our article: How To Make 300 dollars Fast Online with Little to No Investment Needed

Start Completing Online Surveys and Sharing Them on Social Media

You can make money online for free by taking online surveys, starting to do microtasks for others, testing apps and websites, becoming a virtual assistant, joining a research company, starting your own blog, selling photographs to photo stock companies, and even playing video games.

When you start making money online for free, you will not only have a more balanced work to life ratio in your daily schedules, but you will also be able to have more time to spend with your family for saving for important future investments. Read on below to learn more about how you can earn an income online without spending lots of money to do so.

The Benefits of Working from Home

The Benefits of Working from Home

While to some, working from home sounds like a tedious and boring way to work where you’re always cooped up inside staring at the computer screen, it can actually be quite the opposite. Many adults and professionals find that working from home is not only fulfilling but exciting.

Those who work from home can create their own schedules, manage their own breaks, and even spend more quality time with their loved ones from the comfort of their own living room or home office. Some of the most valuable benefit of working online from home include:

  • A good balance between how much time you spend at work versus how much time you spend at home
  • Control over your professional surroundings and office space
  • Eliminate parking costs
  • Eliminating the stress of commuting
  • Geographical freedom to work anywhere with internet
  • No overhead costs
  • No real estate or property costs
  • Saving money on purchasing lunch of coffee out of the house
  • And more

Earning An Income Online

To earn a steady and stable income online, you must make sure to have an incredibly reliable internet connection. Without a great internet connection, you are likely to miss important emails and deadlines, or even overlook potential e-commerce sales and assignments.

While you may be able to access the internet, there may be problems that you aren’t aware of. For instance, if you internet regularly goes out for hours at a time, it can basically put you out of work for those hours. For some websites, constant connections are needed such as testing apps, websites, etc.

There are ways you can get around bad internet when needed such as with a larger data plan cell phone. Even when used as a backup, data from cell phone can be a more reliable internet connection.

For those who already have a reliable wireless internet connection and have been attempting to make money online without any luck, consider seeking out alternative online money making methods. You should try another method of money making online if you have found yourself doing any of the following:

  • Being asked by courses to give money you don’t have
  • Being asked to buy books on how to get started
  • Waiting a long time for money to arrive
  • Paying for courses that do not lead to any job positions or real opportunities
Take Online Surveys

Take Online Surveys

A great way for first-timers to start making money online without needing to pay anything is to take online surveys. Online surveys are surveys created by marketing or research companies that monitor the preferences and opinions of people.

Used to create a general statistic about a specific age group, consumer demographic, or geographic location of individuals, many companies offer payment in the form of cash, checks, or prepaid debit cards for surveys taken online.

To become an online survey taker, all you need is to register for a survey-taking website. If the website asks for your credit card information in order to collect a monthly fee or asks you for a one-time payment, move on.

Legitimate survey-taking sites should never ask you to give them money in order to participate in a paid survey. Some websites and companies that will pay you to take surveys for them and other ad companies include the following.

Companies that Pay You to Take Online Surveys


Inbox Dollars is a program which gives you rewards for watching videos, using coupons, and taking their surveys online.


This program gives you a $10 sign up bonus for starting. A great way to make your first money online fast!

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie offers various types of awards and payment depending on the task and details of the survey.


Swagbucks is a popular California-based survey-taking website that pays in gift cards. Many people start working from home with SwagBucks.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is a company that pays cash for your survey-taking time.

Consider Microtasks as a Work at Home Job

Consider Microtasks as a Work at Home Job

When wanting to work online without paying anything, consider doing microtasks for a microtask company. Microtask companies are websites that hire freelance contractors, otherwise known as independent contractors, to finish small tasks as part of bigger long-term projects.

This means that even though you will be using your computer to work alone on your assigned task, there will simultaneously be other independent contractors working on similar small tasks that will all go to the same larger collective final product.

Two of the most popular microtask website companies to work for are:


who pays their freelance employees anywhere from $9 starting pay to eventually over $10 to create small software-related tasks.

Mechanical Turk (mTurk)

MTurk is an affiliate of Amazon, the world’s largest retail and food delivery company, offering tasks such as information collection, data processing, image verification, and more. While Mechanical Turk only offers about 10 cents per minute, you do have the opportunity to take on multiple tasks at once.

Start Testing Apps For Others

Start Testing Apps For Others

If doing microtasks for major online companies doesn’t feel exciting or fulfilling enough for you, another option is to start testing apps and websites for others.

Being an app or web prototype tester is an excellent way to make money online without paying anything because companies are always looking for willing test subjects when it comes to new software design, user interface, and application navigation.

The three most popular companies through which to become a tester are:

User Testing

Simply sign up with your name and email to begin taking tests for various third party companies and giving them your honest feedback on their products. For every 20 minutes you spend on the site giving feedback and doing interviews, you’ll receive $10.


Test user compatibility and ease by finding specific products online, giving product reviews, and testing websites. Users will not be asked their credit card information and can make anywhere from $10 to $20 for tests and interviews.


Use either your smartphone or computer to test the success of different websites and online products. Depending on which third-party company you are testing for, you can get anywhere from $5 to $20 per test.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

If user testing and surveys are not your cup of tea, you can always make money online by becoming a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant, otherwise known as a VA, can mean many different things depending on who you work for.

Virtual assistants tend to stick with their employer for a long amount of time due to the professional relationships they cultivate with the person they are assisting. Depending on the number of hours worked per week, a virtual assistant or VA can make anywhere from minimum wage to upwards of $50 per hour.

Keep in mind, however, that the more experience you have as a virtual assistant, the higher you are likely to be paid. Upwork is another great place to look for work at home jobs as a VA.

The easiest way to become a virtual assistant is to:

Check for open positions on Indeed or a similar website
Look through classified postings on Craigslist in your area
Sign up for a freelancer website that offers VA job postings

Join a Research Company

Join a Research Company

Another way to make money online without paying anything is by joining a research company. One example of a popular research company that pays its employees without first asking for money is Nielsen Computer & MoilePanel.

When you sign up for Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel with your name and email, all you need to do is install their computer and smartphone apps. Then simply use these apps like you would the internet on a regular basis.

Nielsen then takes this data and uses it to compile information and product use and accessibility. When you join Nielsen, you can make up to around $50 per hour and even become eligible to win the $10,000 is cash and prizes that they give to their enrollees each month.

Sell Your Photography to Stock Sites

Sell Your Photography to Stock Sites

Whether you are a professional photographer looking to make some extra money online or a novice trying to figure out how to make an online income without paying anything, selling your photography to stock sites can offer you that added financial security.

Both businesses and individuals always need license-free and copyright-free photographs to use in ads, marketing campaigns, on brochures, as logos, on websites, for presentations, or for personal use on their social media accounts.

It is for this very purpose that free public use photography sites like Dreamstime, ShutterStock, and iStockphoto exist.

On these sites, both individuals and businesses are able to search through the database of photographs that do not list any photographer’s name or credit. This is because those photographers have all sold these photos to the corresponding sites.

While the payout for each photograph can vary greatly depending on which site you sell you, the exact digital quality of the photograph, the subject, and when it was taken, many people still make a pretty decent wage by selling their pictures.

You can even make money taking photos for insurance companies as well. We recently posted an article about this job. Check it out here: Get Paid to Take Pictures for Insurance Companies

There are also apps you can download directly to your smart phone or device which you can make money selling photos. We recently created an articles which looks at the Mendr app which does this. To check it out visit: Mendr App : Get Paid To Do Freelance Photo Editing

Play Video Games for Money

Play Video Games for Money

For those of you who would rather make money online feel more like fun and games, playing video games for money might be the online endeavor for you. There are many different online gaming companies that will pay freelancers to play their games on laptops, iPads, desktop computers, and smartphones.

You can even start a YouTube channel where you take videos of your gameplay and make money from the ads on your videos. Also check out Patreon for your YouTube channel for monetization.

One prominent example is an app called Mistplay. Mistplay is a mobile app developed especially for use on Android smartphones that offers perks to freelance video gamers through a loyalty program.

This program required that you download their free app, after which it gives points and rewards that can be redeemed as users play the different phone games of third party video game creators.

Every time you play, you will be eligible to get points that can later be traded in for prizes like loaded Visa debit cards. For picky game players, there is the option to choose which games you play and even talk with other players while playing, giving this job a social media feel.

Start Your Own Blog

Start Your Own Blog

To make money online without paying anything on your own terms, you can start a blog. Blogs are great for people who want to be in complete control over when they work, how they work, and what content they will be interfacing with.

While there are blog platforms that require a monthly payment for the online space and domain name, free blog platforms do exist for potential bloggers looking to start their posting empire on a budget.

Starting your own blog is a great way to make a passive income as well from things like affiliate marketing.

Some highly rated sites that can be used for free to create stylish and aesthetically pleasing blogs and website include:

Once you start to gain a loyal following of avid readers for your blog posts, you can get Google AdSense and run ads to make income from your posts. With every ad click or read-through, you will start to make money from your blog visits.

Start Freelance Writing

Start Freelance Writing

Want a faster way to make money online without needing to wait so long? Consider freelance writing. There are places online that you can write for which pay you for each article. To start, places like Upwork and iWriter are great for beginner writers who want to make money online. If you’re good at writing and type fast, you can make more money per day.

There are also many businesses that are looking for freelance writers for their websites. Simply go to a search engine and type in what you’re knowledgeable about. Then using contact information available at those sites, simply ask them if they could use another writer. It can be hit or miss, but landing a few clients can help your business take off quickly.

An Online World of Possibility

If you have found yourself becoming discouraged by illegitimate opportunities and ‘pay-to-play’ money-making schemes on the internet, turn to free only money opportunities that won’t cost you.

By taking advantage of survey sites, research companies, virtual assistant opportunities, free blog creation platforms, photo stock sites, and playing games online for money, you will be able to begin the cultivation of a strong and fulfilling online income from the comfort of your own home.

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