How to Make Money Selling eBooks on eBay: A Beginners Guide

How to Make Money Selling eBooks on eBay: A Beginners Guide

There are many benefits from working at home. You never have to go into the office and you can wear whatever you want. Plus, working from home is even better when you are your own boss. One of the great ways to earn extra money from home is by publishing an eBook. Not only are eBooks easy to publish, they’re even easier to make money from.

How to Make Money Selling eBooks on eBay: A Beginners Guide


eBay has always been a wonderful place for people to sell almost anything, and eBooks are no exception. If you’re an amazing writer and want to make money selling eBooks on eBay, take a look at this easy guide to help you get started. 

Why Write an eBook?

Simply put, an eBook keeps making money as long as it’s available to download. If you put the time and effort into creating a great piece of work, no matter what the subject is, people will continue to buy it off eBay until you choose to take it down. That means you put in the work once, but the money keeps coming in. It’s almost like a passive income, although not quite, hands off.  

You can write your eBook on your own time. Are you more creative at night? Do you have more time in the morning? Maybe, you can just get to it on the weekends. With an eBook, it doesn’t matter if you clock in at 9 and clock out at 5. As long as you have the drive and passion to finish the product, it doesn’t matter what schedule you keep. This can be great for working parents with kids at home

Not only can you work whenever you want, you can work wherever you want. This means you can be inspired in a coffee shop, get in some writing while waiting at the doctor’s office, or turn out an eBook while you’re relaxing on vacation. 

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What is eBay

So, What is eBay? 

eBay is an online shopping platform that was established in 1995, and it’s mostly known for its auctions and consumer to consumer (C2C) sales. Even if you have never used eBay, you have certainly heard its name. It is available in many countries and anyone can have an eBay account for free.

It’s a great place to find collectables, vintage items, discontinued goods, and eBooks. One the best parts about selling items on eBay is that it gives people access to items they wouldn’t have locally. This means your eBook has a chance of reaching people all over the world. 

Millions of sales occur every day on eBay, and that’s because you can buy and sell almost anything on their platform. In fact, there are over 150 million buyers right now on eBay. 

One reason eBay is a great way to make money selling eBooks, or anything really, is because it has already established a steady flow of traffic. People who buy on eBay usually buy often. This means you have a high chance of gaining repeat customers. Not to mention eBay spends a lot of time and money promoting their platform, which means you make money selling eBooks on eBay. 

Why Sell on eBay? 

Selling on eBay is a very easy process. After signing up, listing your eBook is free, and you only pay a small final value fee, plus .30 per transaction when your eBook sells. After that, the money is quickly deposited into your bank account. eBay does give you the opportunity to pay for listing upgrades, in order to attract more buyers.  

Another reason eBay is a great place to sell your eBook is because sellers are protected. There are policies set in place in order to make eBay a safe place to sell. You can resolve payment issues, report buyers, and can continue to keep selling while any issues are being resolved. If you reach “Top Rated Seller” status, eBay throws in extra protection for returned items. 

What Exactly Is an eBook Anyway

What Exactly Is an eBook Anyway? 

We live in a world where everything is electronic. You check your email, send eCards, and purchase concert eTickets through eBanking. You can even play eSports. Why not make money selling eBooks on eBay? So, what exactly is an ebook

The ‘e’ Means Electronic 

One of the most important features that distinguishes eBooks from traditional paper books, is that you can read eBooks on an electronic device. An eBook is easily accessible from a device like your phone, tablet, or computer. This means you can download and start reading an eBook just about anywhere there is internet. Once, it’s downloaded you don’t even need the internet. Not only does this mean you can read an eBook wherever you like, you always have it to show people who may be interested in reading it too.  

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How To Publish an eBook to Sell on eBay 

How To Publish an eBook to Sell on eBay

Choose a Format 

The two best ways to publish an eBook is through either a PDF or EPUB, and they both have their pros and cons. There are a few other ways to publish your book, but they won’t help you with making money on eBay.  

PDF means portable digital format. This format is well-known for being simple to use and very easy to access. You can easily create a custom layout and they are super easy to download. This format is perfect for marketing eBooks and books that may be printed and resold through obtaining master reselling rights, but more on that later. 

EPUB stands for electronic publication, and this format can be downloaded on a variety of electronic devices. It works well for publications like how-to books and pocket guides. 

A big difference between PDF and EPUB is that one is reflowable and one is fixed. When a document, eBook, or website is reflowable, it means that the content adjusts to the size of screen you’re using to view it. You should be able to switch from your PC to your phone with ease. EPUB is the best for a reflowable format. 

When a document is fixed, like a PDF for example, it does not adjust to the size of your screen, and some readers may find it difficult to read on their phones. However, if you want vivid photos, large tables, multiple columns, and special fonts, you have to use a PDF. 

So, when you’re choosing the format of your eBook, think about your audience. Are they the kind of people who normally read eBooks on their phones or will they want to view your book on an eReader? Making the right choice with your format could be the difference between making money selling eBooks on eBay or making absolutely nothing. 

Protect Your Work if you plan on selling ebooks on eBay

Protect Your Work  

It’s very important your eBook cannot be edited by others when they download it. First, it’s not technically a book yet, if it’s still being edited. Second, you would never want someone to steal your work or change what you’ve written. So, be sure to make your material read only.  

PDFs are a great way to ensure your work is uneditable. PDF is one of the most widely known formats out there, and is an easy way to be sure your eBooks are read-only. However, you can definitely protect your work with EPUB too. 

On that note, make sure you protect other people’s work as well. It’s never okay to plagiarize. Always do your very best to create original work, cite any sources, and credit any other material from someone else. This also includes images. When in doubt, search for free images through a reputable site. 

So, Why Should Some Choose an eBook Over a Traditional Paper Book? 

  • There are several reasons why people choose eBooks over traditional paper books: 
  •  They are better for the environment. Not only do you skip the paper and save some trees, you also cut down on production and shipping.  
  • Digital downloads are a bookworm’s dream. eBooks allow you to have access to thousands of books at the touch of a button, which saves a ton of space. Plus, they are incredibly convenient and portable. 
  • You can get an eBook instantly and from the comfort of your couch.  
  • On top of being super accessible, eBooks are usually much cheaper than a traditional book, because less money is spent on things like shipping and manufacturing. 

As you can see there are several reasons why many people around the world find reading eBooks so appealing. So, why not get in on that market? Not only are eBooks easy to read, they’re easy to make! Next, learn how to make an eBook and start making money on eBay. 

How to Write an eBook to Make Money on eBay

How to Write an eBook to Make Money on eBay 

While the technical task of publishing and uploading an eBook is a simple one, producing one that sells is a little more difficult. There are a few things to keep in mind when you start to write your eBook. 

There are certain genres, or kinds, of books that sell best on eBay: money, health, and relationships. These are umbrella topics that can easily be expanded on, so don’t be intimidated. Check out some of these topic ideas to get you inspired. 

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Everyone has dealt with money at some point in their lifetime. That’s why it’s a great topic to choose for your eBook. Get creative with topics like marketing for small businesses, saving for college, starting a charity, or how to budget for a wedding.  


Health and wellness can be related to many topics, so don’t just limit yourself to medical writing only. For instance, the benefits of herbal medicine, how to meditate, best diets for diabetics, or guides to overcoming anxiety.


When you think about it, you have many relationships beyond what you would think of traditionally. Try writing about topics like how to improve your relationship with your boss, unhealthy relationships with things like shopping and food, and how to start a business-to-business relationship. 

Fiction Is Not a Favorite

While fiction may be fun to write, it doesn’t really sell on eBay. In particular, fanfiction is discouraged. That’s because it’s really easy to plagiarize the original work. So, stick to real-life topics people can relate to. 

Choose Your Title and Pick a Focus 

The first thing you do when you want to find something on the internet is head straight to your favorite search engine. You type in the keywords, hit the search button, and click the link that appeals to you most. That’s exactly how people will find your eBook when they search eBay. So, it’s important to remember to choose a great title and a specific focus in order for your eBook to appear in search results.  

For instance, let’s say you choose the topic herbal medicine. Think about how you would search for herbal medicine to help you with health and wellness. Would you search for the best herbal supplement for insomnia or how to grow herbs in your garden for the Paleo Diet? Both of these phrases are very specific and contain keywords to catch a search engine’s attention.  

Next, choose a focus to enhance your chances of showing up in search results even more. For instance, herbal supplements for women over 40 or growing herbs for the Paleo Diet in your window sill. Sometimes, your focus defines your audience for you, but sometimes you need to think about who is most likely to buy your book, and cater to that audience. 

So, a suitable title for an eBook on eBay would be: How to Naturally Help Cure Insomnia with Herbal Supplements: A Field Guide for Women Over 40. 

Why It’s Important to Appear In Search Engine Results 

The more your eBook shows up in eBay’s search results, the more likely you are to gain sales. The true technique of getting websites, items, businesses, and more to appear in search results is called search engine optimization (SEO).

Learning to master SEO can actually take years, but knowing the basics can really improve how much money you make selling eBooks on eBay. You may even be able to find Fiverr gigs which can help you promote your ebook and make money like that. 

Sell Correctly and Follow the Rules 

eBay has very strict rules and policies when it comes to selling digital media. This is to protect you and them from copyright issues. If you fail to follow the rules, eBay will remove your listing and maybe even delete your account.

You Have to Own the Work Being Published 

You Have to Own the Work Being Published 

It goes without saying it’s wrong to sell someone else’s work without permission. That being said, you need to publish either completely original work that you wrote yourself or material that you legally bought and own written by another author. Be sure the other author gives you the rights to resell their work.  

Digital Download OnlyDigital Download Only 

You have to specifically state in your listing that you are selling the link to a download for your eBook. This statement needs to be easy to find and easy to read, so no one gets confused.

eBooks Are Not Allowed to Be Listed In “Books” 

You have to list your eBook in the “everything else” category on eBay. This isn’t because eBay thinks your book isn’t a real book. It’s actually to stop buyers from getting confused and accidently buying an eBook, when they meant to buy a traditional book. 

You Can Only Focus On One Topic 

eBay limits you to one topic, in order to stop scammers. That way you can’t load up a certain section with keywords about one topic and scam people into reading about another topic. For instance, you can’t write about herbal medicine for women over 40, and then switch to writing about how to invest in stocks.  

Sales Must Stay on eBay 

You are not allowed to direct sales away from eBay. This means your eBook listing cannot contain links, telephone numbers, emails, or any other way for people to buy your book other than on eBay.  

Other Ways to Make Money on eBay Selling Your eBook

Other Ways to Make Money on eBay Selling Your eBook

Often, your first eBook is either free or very cheap, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a ton of money from selling your eBook on eBay. Try creating bundles, packages, and supplemental material for your eBook. Offer printables, matching audiobooks, or even the next eBook in your series for more than your original eBook. 

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Master Resell Rights 

Another way to make your eBook more appealing is by offering the resale rights. When you provide master resell rights, you give the opportunity for your buyer to sell your eBook to their customers. Master resell rights are a very popular option for eBook sellers on eBay. This allows your material to be purchased through someone’s website and promotes your book, which leads to more sales. 

You Can Make Money Selling eBooks on eBay 

The best part about writing eBooks is that you don’t need a lot to get started. Just a computer and the inspiration to begin writing

With excellent creativity and a little bit of ambition, you can definitely make money selling your eBook on eBay. You can produce as many or as little eBooks as you like.  Write eBooks to supplement your business, as a side-hustle, or as a full-time job. The possibilities are endless! Plus, you can do it from the comfort of your couch. 

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