How to Maximize your AdSense Earnings Quickly Without Endless Hours of Updating

How to Maximize your AdSense Earnings Quickly Without Endless Hours of Updating

When it comes to monetizing your website or blog, Google AdSense is one of the best tools out there. If you’re like most bloggers, then you’re probably struggling with generating much traffic on your blog posts. It’s even further frustrating if you’re not generating income from Google AdSense after putting in so much work into your blog. The main challenge for most is to find the right set of actions for optimizing your strategy for making money with it, or else they could continuously lose ad revenue.

How to Maximize your AdSense Earnings Quickly Without Endless Hours of Updating

Boost your AdSense Earnings Fast


It doesn’t help that the most information on the internet about AdSense is just about design and implementing the program, but not much about optimizing your content there or increasing your AdSense earnings without adding tons of new content. Many bloggers share confusion about the use of keywords for the program and there just isn’t sufficient guidance on the matter. Besides, if you manage to find authentic information on the matter, it’s usually outdated.

There’s usually little time left to bother about ad optimization since the bulk of our energy as bloggers, is spent creating content and marketing it across platforms and social profiles. However, you do not need to spend so much time developing the perfect content as several proven tips can help you optimize your AdSense profit so you can generate income from your blog faster. Here are some of them;

Optimize conversion through multiple ad units

You can easily increase your click rate and earnings on AdSense by implementing different types and size of ad units. By providing variety, you’re making it likely for users to click on one of the ads from the Google’s extensive ad inventory. When doing this, make sure that you HTML code first displays the best-located advert on your platform. That way, you are likely to increase your AdSense earnings since the ads with highest click rates will dominate your ad real-estate (AKA, your website or blog).

In order not to have your account banned from the AdSense program, it’s crucial that you strictly adhere to their maximum ad policy. You’re restricted to not more than two search units per page, three link units, and three AdSense for content units.

Take your ad units through A/B testing

A B Test for Google AdSense

What A/B test do is to give you an experimental comparison of two ad variations and see which comes on top. For instance, you can decide to weigh the advantages of strictly text-based ad units against those with both text and display. From the results of the analysis, you can decipher how the performance of the ad is affected by the use of graphic effects. A more general reason to carry out A/B testing on your ad campaigns is to determine how whether serving your ads in some categories would affect your AdSense profit.

While this procedure may require a bit of technical knowledge, it’s quite easy to integrate and the benefits are profound. You’ll have to create, monitor and conclude your experiment to get accurate results, but it’s all worth it in the end.

Optimally distribute ads on web pages

Nowadays, websites are following as distribution trends that are proven to help visitors navigate sites optimally. It’s generally recommended that you limit the ads in the area ‘above the fold‘. This is the part or the page that visitors first see before scrolling. As you may have guessed, site visitors can easily get discouraged if this are contains too many ads since it’ll make navigating a hassle.

Even Google encourages websites to allow relevant content to dominate the are ‘above the fold’ as anything else would characterize poor user experience. In fact, Google penalize web pages that place large blocks of ads above-the-fold.

Use responsive ads

responsive ads for AdSense Earnings Increase

When managing a website or blog, you’re going to at one point need to implement responsive designs of some kind. If your website is not optimized for mobile platforms, then you will be missing out on the internet’s largest audience. You can integrate responsive design in AdSense for creating responsive ad units. That way, your ads will automatically resize to fit any mobile screen in order to provide better user experience than if the ad units just remained as a large block even on smaller screens.

Experiment with color of text ad units

To make text ads more visible, you can try out different colors and see how they come out. Be careful about using contrasts to create bold effects as you want your users to not be completely distracted from the web page. For optimal user experience, you can select a border color for the ad unit that matches the background of the web page.

By continuously experimenting with colors and text sizes, you’ll come across a combination that give your ad the distinct style you want. Measuring the performance of the different color options of ad units on separate platforms will help you figure out which generates the most traffic.

For some sites, ad colors that blend with the overall color theme work great, for others, ad colors that contrast the overall color them work better. In order to determine which works best for your blog you’ll need to run some A/B tests to be sure.

Focus on providing value to the user

As you try to maximize your AdSense earnings, you may lose sight of what really matters -giving the user the best possible experience on your platform. Many bloggers get carried away with their ambition to generate more revenue and stop creating content that’s valuable to their visitors.

[blockquote footer=””]Many bloggers get carried away with their ambition to generate more revenue and stop creating content that’s valuable to their visitors.[/blockquote]

You can prevent that by keep it fresh with your contents and ads. One way to do that is by taking time to ensure that the ads are all places in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing to visitors. As long as your users are consistently impressed with the content and layout of your website, they’ll return and that’ll generate your much desired traffic.

Even Google’s algorithm prioritizes platforms that provide high-quality content to their users on a regular basis. This is usually the most important metric for deciding which sites get to be ranked higher. And that’s why bloggers are recommended to generate content of specific topics that interest them so that users can perceive them as influencers in that niche.

You’ll also want to stay in your niche when producing content. For instance, this website (ApexStatus) was created as a work at home blog. But if we were to add content on growing carrots, then the ads would change dramatically and likely would not gain much traction, or revenue. Stay in your niche for better ads that are more relevant to your users.

Allow your following to build before setting up AdSense

While you may think it’s a great idea to set up AdSense on your website or blog, you’re better off gathering an audience before doing that. If you don’t have anyone familiar with your content, then flooding your platform with ads may even be detrimental to the growth of your blog.

When you’re starting out, your priority has to be establishing your authority in your niche. So shift your attention from optimizing or even posting ads towards building high-quality following like RRE readers, email subscribers and monthly users.

Slow down with the ad blocking

You have to be careful about blocking ads by URL since it may negatively affect the earning potential of your platform. Every ad you filter or block is one that would be discouraged from bidding for advert space on your blog or website.

Steer Clear of Link Ad Units

The struggle of getting higher cost per click is usually what makes many bloggers to assume that link ads are more beneficial that those with text or images. Link ads, however, will usually request a confirmation from the user that clicked the link.

That means they only generate revenue through ‘double-clicks’ which Google may classify to be accidental clicks and prevent them. Besides, link ads have lesser click-through-rates even thought their coats per click is relatively high.

Place the ads on your website by yourself

While it’s tempting to use Google Auto ads for placing ads on your platforms, you can generate more money by placing it there yourself. Besides, the program’s algorithm places the ads randomly so the layout your site will mostly likely come out as poor.

Sometimes, the algorithm can even mess up your page altogether where some portion of it won’t display any ads. Auto Ads restricts you from deciding the best-suited layout for platform which means you’ll miss out on applying some personalized practices for increased traffic.

Plan your site’s layout to minimize distractions

Ad Revenue Increase By Losing Distractions

To increase click-through-rates for the ads on your site, it’s best advised that you minimize on-site distractions as best as you can. While cost per click is affected by the positioning of site content and currents, CTR depends on how easy it is for visitors to find the ads.

For instance, you can keep secondary information like post meta, publish info (date and author) after the content to maximize the use of the screen space. Even social share buttons are best left till after content or totally eliminated since they barely do anything for improving social engagements.

Overall, keep the layout (for both mobile and desktop) as convenient for users to scroll through. Even some ‘important’ features of web pages such as cookie policy agreement, screen pop-ups and feature images can be choking for user who are mostly busy people trying to access information as quickly as possible. That way, you’ll begin to notice an increase in regular visits and returns to your site which means more traffic. And that in turn means that you’ll be generating more profit on your AdSense program.

Use an AdSense Alternative

One of the best features of Google AdSense is that it is very easy to implement and get started with. Even with very little traffic and a few content articles on your blog, you can get started. While learning how to maximize your AdSense earnings can help you make more money you may also want to check out some AdSense alternatives. One of the best resources we’ve found that can help you make more is the ArbiCash System. Click Here to learn more about The ArbiCash System today.

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