6 Movie Reviewer Jobs and TV Reviewer Jobs That Pay You to Be a Film Critic

5 Best TV & Movie Reviewer Jobs That Pay You to Be a Film Critic

Reviews play a vital role in what products we buy, where we eat, and who we hire. They also can be the difference between investing time and money on something to watch, and skipping it completely and that’s where movie reviewer jobs comes in. If you have a passion for movies and television shows, are an avid writer, and want to share your opinions, you have most likely considered leaving reviews and putting your two cents into the world.

But there are actual sites that will also pay you for writing reviews, allowing you to make money from something you love. Here are some of the best ways to make money from home doing entertainment reviews online.

5 Movie Reviewer Jobs and TV Reviewer Jobs That Pay You to Be a Film Critic


What Does Review Writing Entail?

Depending on the site and the project, you may be writing about the latest movies, classic TV shows, or cult hits. Some movie reviewer jobs want you to produce a review about every episode of a show, while others may want to wait and combine it all into one series or season post.

Regardless, you will need to stay on top of the shows and movies they ask you to watch, take notes and write reviews that both provide context to the series as a whole and sums up what was covered in that episode.

You will need to pay to watch movies, have cable, or an up to date streaming service where you can watch things as they come out. For shows, the review will be due the day after the episode airs. For movies, you may have a week to get to new releases. But the important thing is staying current and making sure you are producing reviews that people will be looking for in the moment.

It’s important to note that each movie reviewer job may have their own requirements and timeline. Whichever movie reviewer job you decide on be sure to read through the requirements carefully.

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Can I Make a Full Time Career From These Movie Reviewer Jobs?

Starting out, you are looking at a more part-time, as needed schedule, rather than a full- time career. If the company likes your work and has the ability to, they may hire you for a full- time position. You should, at least to start with, consider it more as a way to make extra money, rather than your main source of income until you get more experience and have more time working as a reviewer.

If you do go full time, it is important to remember that this isn’t just watching movies and tv shows for a living. There is a lot of time dedicated to this and you need to focus on what you are watching, not multitasking. Trying to write a review that is both interesting and unique can also get harder the longer you write.

There is a lot of time dedicated to this and you need to focus on what you are watching, not multitasking.

TV Reviewer Jobs

What Companies Hire Reviewers?

Some of the best companies for hiring TV and movie reviewers are:


ScreenRant is incredibly popular for their YouTube videos, but also look for article writers for reviews on movies, television and video games. They pay per post and require you to commit to a certain number of articles per month to be hired.

But the work provides steady pay, is good part-time work, and can be done from anywhere. ScreenRant also prefers you have previous experience in review writing before working for them.


Bustle offers two types of writing jobs for their reviewers. The first is freelance writing, allowing you to submit whenever you have something you wish to share. The second is a regular writing job, there you will be hired to write on a daily basis.

For regular writing, you may have to produce multiple reviews and articles a day depending on what Bustle asks for, but some sites show you can make $100 a day as a regular writer.

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PopSugar is an incredibly popular site for pop culture news and reviews. They are looking for multiple writers to be able to produce content that is not only good, but has the potential to go viral. This site also has strict deadlines you need to follow to make sure your work is in on time to stay current and produce content people want to read quickly.

However, you can work from anywhere and you can make your schedule more flexible, working when you want as long as you meet your deadline. If you are interested in a review writer job for PopSugar, you can go to their site and look under their Editorial heading to see if they have any openings.


Cineaste is a magazine designed to focus entirely on movies that comes out four times a year. The writers for the reviews in the magazine are considered freelancers because of how infrequently they post, but you can make a nice profit for reviews that are used.

There is no guarantee that the review you submit will be used, but if it is, they have several categories for how they decide how much you will make.

  • $18 For a short review of a movie that is roughly one paragraph.
  • $36 for reviews of the book the movie is based on, or DVD of the movie and all the extra features.
  • $45 for a long form film review
  • $90 for any article that is a feature, or has a feature interview.


BuddyTV is similar to Buzzfeed in the desire to post lots of short form content throughout the day that covers a wide range of topics. One of these topics includes movies and television, with the site always looking for content about the latest releases.

However, this site has such a fast turn around time that you really need to be the first to submit reviews if you want to be used. They also do not publicly state on their site how much they will pay you to write for them.

Go Solo as a Movie and TV Critic

If none of these sites are providing you with what you are looking for, you can also consider starting your own blog or posting videos you can monetize. There is no guarantee that you will make money from this or be successful, but it provides you complete control over your content and when you post.

You will need to weigh the pros and cons before jumping into a completely solo venture, but there is always a chance you can make this your full- time job if enough people like your content.

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