15 Best Mystery Shopping Companies Looking to Hire Today

15 Best Mystery Shopping Companies Looking to Hire Today

Mystery shopping companies have been around for a while.  Mystery shoppers provide a way for companies to see just how the in- store experience goes for their customers. But this program has evolved since the internet became more of a staple part of our everyday life. Now, you can search out sites that hire people to participate in mystery shopping programs, and even make a decent amount of money doing it. Some you can even do as a work at home job completely online.

15 Best Mystery Shopping Companies

Mystery shopping used to work more as a random lottery, where businesses would ask a random person via mail to participate in the program. Now, you can actively seek mystery shopping companies out, allowing you to choose what kind of stores you want to shop for and how often you want to participate.

What Do Mystery Shoppers Do?

What Do Mystery Shoppers Do?

To be a mystery shopper basically means to review a store as a whole, not just the product you bought. This means going into a location they assign you, following the instructions for what the business asked you to do, and make sure to not tell anyone you are a mystery shopper while there.

You should try to act as you would in any other shopping situation, and not bring any attention to yourself that would make you stand out. Companies want an honest review of the store, so if they know they are being reviewed, they will be on their best behavior.

What Information Are Mystery Shopping Companies Looking For?

Businesses are not going to pay you to be a mystery shopper for a simple star rating. They want to collect as much detail as possible to assess how their business is doing and where they stand to improve. The level of detail will vary from one business to another, but there will be some basic questions they will all want to know.

This includes if anyone asked to help you, of your found everything okay, and if there were any issues at the store. For more information on what to expect, you can check out specific sites for mystery shoppers to see what their report entails.

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What Does It Mean to Be A Certified Mystery Shopper

What Does It Mean to Be A Certified Mystery Shopper?

Mystery shoppers have the option of becoming a certified shopper by the MSPA. This certification provides you with greater credentials in the world of mystery shoppers, making you more desirable to mystery shopping companies for reviews.

There are two levels of certification you can get, Silver and Gold, and they are accomplished by watching a DVD and then completing and passing a test.

Look Out for Mystery Shopping Scams

Never trust any mystery shopping company that asks you to send money or personal information that can be used to steal your identity. This includes card numbers, social security numbers, and any banking information.

Instead, you should look for companies that will pay you via check or PayPal, and look up reviews on credible sites like the Better Business Bureau. If something doesn’t seem right, you should go with your gut.

There are many mystery shopping companies that are completely legit. However, there are always scams for any type of work like this. In fact, there are scams all over the internet, even on popular sites. Take a look at these Fiverr scams which is one of the top work at home sites for the gig economy.

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What Companies Are Looking for Mystery Shoppers?

Some of the best companies for mystery shopping work include:

Work at Home Mystery Shopping Companies

If you prefer to work from home, or cannot get to the physical stores themselves, there is also over the phone mystery shopping. This means that the business will give you a number to call and directions for points to cover during the conversation.

You will then need to fill out a report detailing how your experience went, just like with an in store mystery shopper.

Some of the best sites for this to include:

Share Your Experience

Do you work for a mystery shopping company? If so share your experience in the comments section below. 

15 Mystery Shopping Companies You Can Use as a Side Hustle
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