Raise The Stakes With Affiliate Marketing Blog Ideas

Raise The Stakes With Affiliate Marketing Blog Ideas

Millions of people make money on the internet these days, from digital nomads to developing entrepreneurs – creative opportunities are being monetized every day. One of the most common methods of bringing in some extra cash without having to own a business is through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an advertising model in which a company pays you for the traffic or sales that are generated from leads originating from links on your website. It’s basically a referral program where you generate commissions based on the sales you have “referred.” Many blogs you find on the internet have affiliate links on them, and the key to being successful is curating good content which attracts people to your site and interests them enough to click on the links and buy the products. You don’t even need to be an expert in the field; just have a solid idea around which people will purchase from you.

Raise The Stakes With Affiliate Marketing Blog Ideas

If you want some ideas on how to double down on making some extra cash, we’ll cover some ideas in this piece.

1. Book Review Blog

    Reading books remains to be a popular pastime for Americans, so a website that covers book reviews would make for a great blog! Of course, you’d need to read the books you talk about so that you’d be able to share interesting insights about some of the important details. As people read your blog, more people will be attracted to your site, which would be an ideal set-up for an affiliate program.

    You could try the Amazon Associates Program, which would allow you to make a percentage based on sales driven from your site. As you develop your blog, you’d need to be honest about the books, have a knack for creative writing, and be active on other book forums for it to work.

    2. Poker Blog

      Poker is a famous card game that is played by millions every day. A good poker site could be about tips, recommendations for other sites, or even reviews of poker books that offer strategies and advice. There are multiple affiliates available, from sites hoping you’ll drive traffic to them to Amazon affiliates for any books you review. You’ll need a working knowledge of poker to be legit. As it’s a choked market in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), a unique selling proposition (USP) to make you stand out could help, especially if you sync it with social media like Facebook.

      3. Fashion Blog

        Fashion is one of the world’s biggest industries, with enthusiasts from every part of the globe. A fashion blog that covers trends, styles, and seasons and gives fashion advice would attract millions of interested readers. Your site could cover the latest fashion of celebrities and superstars – and you could be the fashion police praising them for great ensembles and calling them out for epic fails! You could apply for the Nike Affiliate Program, and if your application is accepted, you could earn an 11% commission on sales and receive gifts for affiliate-run competitions and promotions.

        4. Gaming Blog

          Playing video games is one of the best forms of entertainment enjoyed by millions of players 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Gamers are always looking to learn everything they can about their favorite games, so a gaming blog would be a perfect way to satisfy those visitors. You’d have to play the games first and gain some level of mastery in order to offer advice. Although, you could just offer your personal review of the games and share your opinion of the pros and cons as well.

          If you’re an active Google Play Books Partner, you could try to sign up for the Google Play Books affiliate program. If your account is eligible, you can earn a 7% commission when you link directly to products or content in the Google Play Books store. It’s an easy way to make extra money without really doing anything.

          Making money has never been so easy, especially through affiliate marketing programs. Join in on any of the ones we’ve mentioned and go all-in by enjoying some extra passive income while doing something you actually love!

          James R Steel

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