Get Paid to Take Pictures for Insurance Companies

Get Paid to Take Pictures for Insurance Companies

Did you know you can take pictures for insurance companies and get paid?

There are many insurance companies that need visual inspections of property that they insure. Since many policies are now created online instead of at local offices, this gives freelancers an opportunity to take those photos and videos.

The company that offers pay for taking pictures for insurance companies is called OnSource. They provide services to insurance companies and hire local freelancers to do the on-site photos and videos.

OnSource uses an app that is installed on your smart phone which contains the location of the property, usually homes, cars, boats, etc… Your responsibility is to go to that location and take the photos and/or videos.

The locations are typically nearby but they do pay on a per mile basis when you need to go to a specific location. Here are some details about what it means to work for OnSource and what you can expect when you start to take pictures for insurance companies.

Get Paid to Take Pictures for Insurance Companies

What’s It Like to Take Pictures for Insurance Companies Using the OnSource App?

Most work at home opportunities are plastered everywhere online. The minute someone finds a good freelance work gig, it’s usually saturated pretty quickly. That isn’t the case for OnSource. 

I’m not sure why this is not as popular as other work at home methods we’ve seen. Maybe because it’s more of a steady income and not a get rich quick type of gig.

The entire process of doing these photos and videos for insurance companies and getting paid is relatively simple. You’re given an address to take a few photos which can take only a few minutes and you’re paid for the gig and the mileage.

You will know there is a job available by getting a phone call or email about the project. You can even schedule the time of the gig in many cases.

Once you get the call or email you will drive to the location of the gig and take pictures for the insurance companies. The app will log the photos and videos and you’re all set.

The pictures you’ll take may be of accident damage or just regular photos. You may be required to take photos of specific areas or at specific angles in some cases. All the information will be contained in the email you get when the gig is available.

Once you have all the photos and videos that are required you simply log into the app and upload them. OnSource then directs them to the right company. The entire process only takes a few minutes on each gig.

So how much to take photos for insurance companies

So How Much Can You Make with OnSource?

The payment rates for inspectors that are just started are as follows:

  • Each inspection pays $18.00
  • After traveling 20 miles you’ll be paid $0.65 for each mile
  • Payments are made via check  or direct deposit to your bank account
  • Payments are made every four weeks after you’ve logged your first inspection and submitted those photos or videos. So you will get paid 4 weeks after your first gig.

As you continue to complete inspections, they will make payments every week for the photo inspections completed four weeks previously.

Sticking to Your Own Schedule With OnSource

If you’re looking for a second job during the evening or night hours this may not be the gig for you.

Most of the photos that you will be taking will be required during the daylight hours. You can schedule the inspection with the property owner which gives you some flexibility.

Requirements To Apply for OnSource

Many companies today require a background check to work for them and OnSource is no different. You’ll be required to have a background check before you can take on any gigs.

The background check is not optional and does require a small fee to complete. However, if you’ve recently had a background check you may be able to provide this information when you apply.

What type of phone is needed

So What Type of Phone is Required?

Don’t worry the OnSource app can be downloaded on an iPhone or Android device. The pictures will need to be of higher quality but most smart phones today have a sufficient camera.

So How Do I Apply for OnSource?

It’s easy to apply for OnSource and you don’t need to jump through a lot of hoops. In fact, just some information and details about the background check and you’re all set. You can apply online as well by clicking here.

You will also need to provide tax information such as a W-9 form which in my opinion is a good sign of a legitimate work at home opportunity.

So How Do You Get Started?

OnSource provides an online application process where you can apply to take pictures for insurance companies. You’ll need to fill out the information and provide details for your background check. You can also read more about the rates and pay schedule during the application process.

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