Remote Work for Telcare Work From Home Retention Services

Remote Work for Telcare Work From Home Retention Services

Getting honest information about how customers feel about sites and products is a major factor in successfully marketing your company. Knowing how customers respond to and interact with your platform means you can use that data to improve the experience and increase the potential for making money. For this reason, there is a great need for sites like Telecare and people willing to work for them.Here are some Telcare work from home details to help you get a job with Telcare.

Remote Work for Telcare Work From Home Retention Services



What Is Telecare?

Telecare is a site designed to provide you with online service reports, allowing companies to gather more information on customer satisfaction and any issues they have had. They consult with companies who wish to gain more information about how their customers are feeling and how likely they would be to come back. Telecare then works to gather the information for the companies through surveys and interviews.

What Are Retention Services?

A company’s goal isn’t just to get your business once, but to retain your business for your future needs. They want you to have a positive experience so you want to come back the next time you need information or to purchase something that company offers. Retention services act to implement ways to maintain customer’s loyalty and keep them coming back. This can be through activities, information, or even revamping their site.

Why Is This So Important?

One visit to a site or one sale is good, but a consistent consumer on a regular basis is far better. It is easier to maintain your business when you have loyal customers who come to you whenever they need to buy more. Returning customers are also more likely to recommend you to a friend or family member, which means more traffic your way. Especially for smaller businesses who are just getting started, this can be the difference between success and failure.

Where Do You Come In?

For Telecare to work so smoothly and provide companies so much valuable information, they need people that can do the gathering. This is where you come in. Telecare looks for survey agents to make calls and conduct surveys that will answer some basic, yet vital information about how customers received the business in question.

What Kind of Questions Would You Be Asking?

You will be following prompted questions Telecare has provided to help get the information to better the business in question. This can be as simple as five questions, focusing on how the customer feels overall about their experience. Asking questions about how the products have worked, how they found the store or site, and how likely they would be to return are all common questions. But surveys can also be much larger, ranging anywhere from ten to sixty questions.

You may also need to make calls to companies that are a part of a larger distribution chain, to ask about any possible problems above or below them in that chain. This helps businesses to better improve the hierarchy and make things run much smoother.

It is important to point out that this is not a telemarketing job and you are not trying to sell or promote anything to the people you call. You are instead working to gain information and honest responses, rather than trying to get them to give you certain answers or go back to the stores.

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What Experience Is Needed?

Because this is not a telemarketing job, you do not need any experience with phone sales to work for Telecare. It is highly beneficial however, that you are comfortable talking to people over the phone and do not have trouble holding a conversation. Having previous work in this type of job is also going to make you a more desirable hire than those with no experience.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

This is a job where you can work from anywhere, rather than communing to go to an office to work. While you can work from anywhere, you do need to make sure that locations meet certain conditions if you plan to work from home. For example, you will need to make sure that your workplace is quiet and free of distractions so you can focus on the phone calls and taking notes on what the customer’s answers are.

This means you should have an area where you won’t have any outside noise contamination, you won’t have anything playing that would distract you, and any kids or pets are not going to come in for something and interrupt the interview.

In addition to the location you are working in, you also need to have a computer and a strong internet connection. This is because all phone calls are help over a VOIP tool. You will also need a DSL broadband connection, and a Windows-based program that will accommodate Internet Explorer 7. Telecare also requires you to have a headset, speak fluent English, and potentially be bilingual in Spanish as well. For those who can speak both English and Spanish, you are a much more desirable hire.

How Do You Apply?

You will first need to go to the Telecare Retention Services site ( and select Career Opportunities under the menu button. Their Career Opportunities page will tell you if they are currently looking for new hires, or if they are currently full. If they are not currently hiring, you should check the page again once a month, or even once a week depending on how much you want to work for Telecare.

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When the site shows that they are looking to hire new people you can follow the prompt and send them your resume and application. They will then review it and contact you if they are interested. Telecare works to hire those who have disabilities, disadvantages or are otherwise homebound firstly, but will not discriminate and take pride in being an equal opportunity employer.

Is There Training Involved?

There is a week long training program that Telecare provides. This is unpaid, but can be done remotely, so there is no need to travel for it. You will need a webcam to participate in training, and they will go over all the procedures for working as a phone agent for their company.

What Are the Hours Like?

There are many different projects going on at any time at Telecare, so there is always something that needs to be done. Each of the different projects will have their own specific time requirements, so you should look at them and see what will and will not work for you.

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On average, you will be working a minimum of 20 hours and a maximum of 40, making it a full- time job. But some of the survey projects will only require three to six hours per week. For these projects you can take on more than one survey at a time. While it does appear that the hours are pretty flexible, how much you plan on working will greatly impact how likely you are to get hired.

All the hours available for you is decided by your time zone, and your average work day will be typically start at nine in the morning and ending at five in the evening.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Make?

Telecare hires you as an independent contractor, meaning there is no overtime, paid vacation, health insurance or any other benefits. However, you could be making twelve dollars an hour for a starting pay, which is pretty good for making phone calls.


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