8 Best Blog Niches that Make Money Even With Minimal Content

8 Best Blog Niches that Make Money Even With Minimal Content

Starting a blog can be a good way to earn some money as a side hustle. However, it can be challenging for you to find a profitable niche ideas for your blog.

Not only that but many guides that supposedly show you the best blog niches that make money want you to write for months and even years in some cases before you see any results.

Choosing the wrong niche for your blog may require you to write tons of content before you see any results (aka making money online).

But choosing the right profitable blog niche can put you months ahead of your competition. All while it is still something that you can write about from a place of interest or passion.

Although you may not be able to quit your job immediately you set up your blog and begin to attract consistent traffic and earning a passive income.


8 Best Blog Niches that Make Money Even With Minimal Content

Regardless of your chosen blog niche, you will need to make your blog unique by employing your original content and media and actually have something to blog about.

We’ll explore the necessary information for selecting blog niches that will help you start making money online by generating traffic to your blog.

Find Your Niche

So What is The Meaning of Niche?

When talking about blogging you’ll inevitably come across the word “niche”. Although the word ‘niche’ gets used a lot, there’s been little explanation given to it.

Your blog’s niche is its primary emphasis, so it should be the central theme of any of your uploaded content on the blog.

Of course, there would be subdivisions under the different categories where you can focus your content individually. For instance, if you manage a lifestyle, you may generate a relevant blog post and content on a variety of topics like beauty, fashion, home décor, and travel.

You can even make a niche blog about blogging or writing.

You can expect to face more competition with little progress when you blog on general topics such as food blogs or recipe blogs.

Asides from the expertise that a niche establishes that your blogging about, you also will easily schedule your content and rank high on Google with your niche blog.

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The Specificity of Your Blogging Niche

To establish some establish, you’re better off starting your WordPress blog with a more specific topic. Over time, you can expand your blog niche ideas and content to encourage diversification within that same niche.

For example, you can build a reputation for your blog with content solely on hats since it’s easier to establish yourself as a hat expert than a fashion guru.

When your readers and visitors begin to trust the quality of your content, you can branch into other topics under fashion.

Asides from that, Google has a search engine ranking system that rewards high-quality content providers that specialize in certain areas.

With continuous delivery of relevant content on your blog, you will rank higher on search engines for niche-specific keywords for blog post ideas.

On the other hand, if you begin with a more general topic, you will find it hard to gain relevance since Google’s algorithm is designed to provide their users with the most specific and useful solutions to their queries.

Whats Your Passion

Do you need to have passion for your niche?

It’s important to be passionate about the niche you decide to focus your blog or else you will likely get burnt out quickly no matter if it’s one of the more profitable blog niches.

Writing about a subject that does not interest you will get boring over time and that will reflect in the quality and consistency of your content delivery.

People who love a subject or have experience in it can more easily generate the best quality of content than those that lack the experience or interest.

Besides, you need some prerequisite knowledge about a niche to ensure that the content is good.

Blog Topics that Make the Most Money

As humans, we have some basic desires like a sense of belonging, happiness, wealth, and health. And we hope to fulfill them through our endeavors one way or the other whether it is living in general or making money blogging. These topics are usually what type of blogs make the most money.

Incorporating one or more of these in your blogging niche will really increase your chance of making extra income through your blog.

There are a handful of niches that embody these desires in promising ways. Let’s go through eight(8) of the blog topics that make money and have high earning power.

Top Blog Niches

Travel Niche Blog

Travel Blogs

People travel for various reasons which include finding happiness and a sense of belonging.

That makes this one of the best blog niches and profitable one. Most people crave the amazing sights at different locations and they willingly spend great amounts to achieve that sensation.

Like many other niches, travel niche blogs are best managed and handled by adventurous people who are passionate about seeing different places in the world.

Traveling also allows people to create new memories with their families and friends. It has several subdivisions that can serve as a focal point for establishing your blog as a relevant source of travel-related queries.

These sub-niches include backpacking, budget travel, groups/couple travel, and Expat living. Depending on your choice, your ability to profit from your blog will be determined by your strategy for reaching your target audience.

You’re best advised to start your travel blog on topics about one location for a while before expanding to others.

Fitness Blog

Fitness and Body Care Niche Blogs

It’s important to everyone that they both look and feel good. That’s why fitness and body care blogs are ideal for people passionate about helping others improve their lifestyle through self-care.

Since it’s a very profitable niche in general, it is a good blog niches that make money. Some sub-niches that you can use to establish your expertise include weight loss, skin care, diet, exercise/yoga, and makeup.

Like with the rest, it will counterproductive to your success if you develop a general fitness blog since there are already so many of that. Your best bet will be to target a group of audiences that find your content relevant and specific to their lifestyle.

For instance, if you’re a fitness-minded middle-aged person, you create content for other people in your age bracket who can easily relate to it.

Fashion Niche Blog

Fashion Niche Blog

Despite it being a more populated sector than most, fashion blogging is still a lucrative initiative that anyone can jump on. If you’re creative with fabrics and style, you can guide people on their fashion choices with your content.

Although it may take a while before you make your name in the fashion industry, it stands to pay off in the long run your authority is recognized.

Unlike with other niches where specialization is encouraged, you can cover a wide range of topics and styles to serve your readers with relevant content.

Food and Cooking Blogs

Food and Cooking Blogs

Food is a basic necessity people are always on the lookout for new content on food and cooking. From vegan to seafood recipes, you can monetize your passion for creating tasty delicacies.

However, since people are not likely to buy ingredients from a food blog, you will have to innovate ways to make a profit through the relevant content that you’re providing your readers.

Cookbooks can be great for creating income through your content. You can also display adverts on your food blog since it will likely generate plenty of traffic.

Recipe blogs have been around for a long time and remain one of the top blog money making ideas that you can get started on quickly.

Personal Finance Niche Blog

Personal Finance Niche Blog

The relevance of financial guidance cannot be undermined since concepts like budget, savings, and credit score will remain serious issues for as long as humans use money.

If you have expert knowledge on managing personal finances, then you can easily monetize this information that is usually needed all year long.

Most personal finance blogs make money through affiliate marketing and display advertising since they draw massive traffic regularly. You can decide to lend your blog to promote affiliate offers like credit cards and cashback programs.

Depending on your area of expertise, you can choose to focus your blog on improving credit scores, paying off student loans, budgeting for an off-grid lifestyle, among many other sub-niches.

There are lots of blog ideas to make money in some of the sub-niches of this broad niche.

Parenting Niche Blogger

Parenting Niche Blogger

Whether it’s a personal memoir of the single parent or a guide to couples parenting, you can create value for others looking for guidance.

From potty training kids to helping babies sleep better, there’s a wide range of topics that can be discussed on a parenting blog. Chances are, if you’re a parent you’ll know what to blog about for money with a parenting blog.

You can also create content for pregnant women that informs them of the best practices to ensure the safe delivery of their healthy babies. Besides, you can satisfy the human desire for wealth by teaching parents ways to cut expenses on child grooming.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing/Online Money Making Blog

These days, the easiest way for most people to make money is through online platforms or digital marketing. More people are developing interests making money online and ways to work at home. They are willing to pay for the necessary training.

If you have expertise in creating an online business or blog, you can write about your journey and the progress you’ve made.

When giving out this information, you should be as transparent as possible about your business growth and steps. You won’t want to give out inaccurate or exaggerated information to someone who’s just starting.

Besides, the quality and relevance of your solutions will determine how many visitors will return for more content. This can certainly be one of the best blogging niche but it can also be very technical and require a lot of knowledge just to get started.

Lifestyle Blog

Lifestyle Blog Niches

If you have overlapping or conjoined interests that you want to write about, then a lifestyle blog would be what you would create.

Of course, such kind of platform would require that you’re comfortable with sharing parts of your life on the internet and that’s on the best niche for blogging for most people. You can support your lifestyle blog with social media like Instagram or Facebook.

Since it’s difficult to specialize in topics with lifestyle blogs and find blog ideas that make money, Google would likely not rank your blog high for some specific keywords.

There are other ways for you to boost the ranking of your lifestyle blog such as making unique pages or silos for linking contents that are related.

Where to Go Next for Niche Blogging for Profit?

We hope you’ve found one of the blogging niches above as a good starting point for your niche blog. Staying as close to these topics as you can will help you create a blog that can start earning you a passive income.

To learn more about selecting a good niche for blogging be sure to check out the Pro Blogger Course. It includes over 8 hours of ‘over the shoulder’ views of a professional blogger. Click here to learn more about the Pro Blogger Course.

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