What You Need to Know About Vericant and Their Work from Home Jobs

What You Need to Know About Vericant and Their Work from Home Jobs

When it comes to accepting students, colleges put a priority on those that will work best with their program. To do this, they need to rely on applications and interviews to get to know the students better. But for international students, this process is much more difficult. Not only do they need to make sure the students will have the standard grades and dedication to be admitted, but also that they will be able to speak and understand the language. This is where Vericant comes in.

What You Need to Know About Vericant and Their Work from Home Jobs


What Is Vericant?

Vericant is a company that helps to connect English speaking colleges with Asian students who want to attend their school. They have Chinese speaking students speak English in interviews on the site, and have English speakers’ rate how fluent they are. They then pass on these ratings to the schools that the students have applied to in order to gauge how well they will handle English- only classes and how likely they are to need extra help on campus.

Key Information About Vericant and Their Work at Home Jobs

Who Uses Vericant?

Vericant is used by dozens and dozens of colleges in North American in order to help them sort through applications from foreign language students. They sign up for the site and have Chinese speaking students that wish to apply go through Vericant as part of their application process. This provides the schools with more information, allowing them to both understand how much the student already speaks, and how much help they will need on campus and with their studies. This can also help colleges to choose between applicants who are otherwise matched.

This site predominantly deals with Chinese students, but has helped students from Seoul, Hong Kong and Taipei.  As long as they speak Chinese, they can use the site.

How Do You Work for Vericant?

Vericant looks to hire fluent English speakers, which they refer to as Spoken English Evaluators (SEE), to conduct the interviews with the Chinese speaking students. They need people who can listen to the English spoken on videotapes the foreign applicants send in and see how fluent they are. You will need to take notes while you watch the tapes, including errors in their English, to better generate a rating for how fluent they are.

You can go to Vericant’s site to apply for a job as a SEE and follow the prompt for the application process.

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What Qualifications Do You Need to Have?

Being an English speaker is not enough to work for Vericant. There are also certain qualifications you need to meet to even have a shot at getting hired. If you are missing any of the qualifications, it is recommended that you don’t apply until you have checked off all the necessaries.

The first thing you need to have to work at Vericant is proof you are a native of North American English Speaker. They are looking for people who have English as their first and primary language, rather than people who learned English later on in life. You also need to have a Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in some field, though it is preferable that it is in English or teaching.

Vericant also want you to have a history teaching English as a second language classes, or ESL, in a professional environment. This will give you more experience with listening to someone who does not speak English as a first language and what level of progress they are in. You will also need to be available for between five and fifteen hours a week between September first and March 31st.

You will need a computer to work for Vericant, not a phone or smart device. It needs to have the latest updates and be free of any viruses or malware. You will also need a strong internet connection and a quiet place free of distractions so you can focus on the videos they ask you to review.

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While you do need to be in North America to work for Vericant, you do not need to be in a certain area beyond that. You will be working remotely from home, so there is no need to worry about a commute.

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Is There Training Needed?

If you make it past the application process and get hired by Vericant, you will need to go through a training program. They will need you to go through a 4 to 8 hour a week training program for up to four weeks. This will vary based on your experience level both with the process of reviewing ESL tapes and with Vericant. You will need to do this a couple times a year to make sure you are up to date on how they rate the videos and the English spoken in them.

The training itself will include how to appropriately watch the videos and take notes to form an accurate rating. This will cover everything from grammar to sentence structure, along with how they handle having to answer questions they are presented with in person, making them have to think in English.

What Are the Hours?

Once hired, you are looking at a minimum of five hours per week to watch videos. Most people who are more qualified for the job will get more hours, and will see Vericant requesting that they have up to fifteen hours per week. It is unlikely to see more hours unless there is a surplus of interviews that need to be watched or there aren’t people available to get through all the tapes.

How Much Could You Make?

The amount of money people make varies greatly depending on experience level and how long you work for the company. But because the SEE job is only part of the year and minimal hours, this is best for extra income, rather than your only source of income for a work at home job.

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