What Are the Best Ways for a Teenager to Make Money? 

What Are the Best Ways for a Teenager to Make Money? 

What do concert tickets, cars, and new shoes have in common? They all cost money! Sometimes, a lot of money. If you want to level-up in life, but your pockets are super empty, there’s only one solution: you need a job! So, what are the best ways for a teenager to make money and get a job? 

What Are the Best Ways for a Teenager to Make Money?

Your Age is Definitely More Than a Number

Your Age is Definitely More Than a Number. 

Let’s get one thing straight, people love to hire teenagers! Who wouldn’t? You’re young, energetic and bring a fresh perspective to the workplace. However, your age plays a huge role in the jobs you can have and the ways for you to make money as a teenager. 

Federal law says that if you’re 15 years-old, you can’t work more than three hours a day or over 18 hours a week during the school year. Makes sense, right? However, during summer break and other holidays you can work a full 40-hour work week. Hello, money! 

If you’re 16-17 years-old, there’s great news! You don’t have any limitations to your work week. That doesn’t mean you should neglect other important areas of your life, like school and getting enough rest.  

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Take Time to Assess Your Skill-Set. 

Yes, you have skills!  

Are you a fast learner? Great with animals or kids? Have you taken business or computer courses at school? Maybe, you belong to an amazing school organization that does awesome things for your community. Maybe, you’re just really reliable. These are all wonderful skills that make you a very valuable employee. 

What ARE the Best Ways for a Teenager to Make Money

Okay, What ARE the Best Ways for a Teenager to Make Money? 

We all want the highest paying jobs out there, but you’re going to have to start out small as a teenager. Don’t worry! There are still great ways to make money as a teenager!



Usually, you don’t need anything special to babysit. You only need to be trustworthy and great with kids. Talk to your neighbors and see if they can use a break or want a date night soon! Be sure to negotiate a fair wage. 

Dog Walking

Dog Walking 

Many people need help walking their dogs! Busy lifestyles lead to pooches being cooped up for too long. Talk to friends, family, and neighbors. Offer to give their dogs some extra love. For a small fee, of course! 

Snow Shoveling

Snow Shoveling and Lawn Mowing 

This way to make money as a teenager is a classic. Offer to put in the work in extreme weather and watch the money stack up! 

Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters

Who wouldn’t want to get paid to glimpse the newest feature films out there? Movie theaters provide a wealth of work experience for teenagers. With a job like this, you get to work in different roles. Sometimes, you get to check tickets, and sometimes, you get to work concessions. It’s a great way to never get bored at work! 

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores 

Grocery Stores are great work for teenagers. They often have the flexibility and location you’re looking for. Sales fluctuate with the school year, and when you’re on summer break, they usually have the hours you want. Plus, it’s a good way to gain customer service experience, which is a helpful skill to have in any job. 

Fast Food

Fast Food 

Hey, it’s not glamorous, but it pays! Getting a job in fast food is a quick way to get the funds you need for the things you want. Not to mention, you learn how to be quick on a register and gain customer service skills. Don’t forget, many popular chains offer assistance with college! 

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Other Jobs 

There are many other jobs out there for teenagers to make money. It’s super easy to search the internet and apply for several jobs. However, don’t forget to check around the local shops in your neighborhood. There may be a smoothie shop that needs help, a spray tan salon that needs a receptionist, or restaurant that needs a hostess. Ultimately, the job you get reflects the effort you put into finding it. 

You Found a Job You Want, Now What?  

First, let’s talk honesty. The idea of getting a bank account and watching it grow is almost enough to make you do anything to get a job. However, it’s important to tell the truth, because lying has incredible repercussions. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for getting fired, you could face legal issues too. You’re also setting yourself up for an embarrassing situation, if you’re ever asked to perform a skill you don’t know how to do. 

Don’t Worry, Everyone Needs a Little Direction!

Listen, you’re new at this, so don’t be afraid to ask for help building your resume or applying for a job. The adults in your life have a lot of work experience, and can absolutely help you land a job.  They know the right buzzwords to catch potential employers’ attention and can stop you from making any big mistakes. Plus, they care about you and want you to succeed! Talk to your parents, grandparents, teachers, or any other adult who can help you put together the right words to get a job

Impress in Your Interview

Impress in Your Interview.

This is probably considered one of the most terrifying parts of the whole process. However, that doesn’t mean your job interview needs to be a nightmare. Follow these quick tips to have an impressive interview: 

  • Always go to your interview after you’ve showered. No one wants a stinky employee.
  • Make sure you wear the cleanest, most professional-looking clothes you own. If you don’t have any, try and borrow some from a friend.  
  • Arrive on time and wait patiently for your interview to start. Stay off your phone, and just take in your surroundings. If you pay attention to your environment, you think of questions to ask the person doing your interview, which is very impressive and shows genuine interest in the job. 
  • They know you’re a little nervous. It’s okay, just relax and be yourself! 
  • Thank your interviewer for their time and the opportunity to interview with them. Manners matter; you’re showing your interviewer you have excellent people skills. 
  • Follow-up! It sounds a little lame, but following up with your interviewer actually works! It shows them you’re serious about the job, reminds them you’re still in the market, and displays your awesome communication skills. Try and grab their email or business card before you leave! 

Keep at It, You’re Doing Great! 

If you follow these tips for a teenager to make money, you’re definitely on your way to gaining some financial independence. Remember, you might have several interviews before you finally land the job you want. However, you feel like a million bucks when you do! 

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