5 Work From Home Help Desk Jobs That You Can Start Today

5 Work From Home Help Desk Jobs That You Can Start Today

Companies rely heavily on having someone that can be contacted to answer questions and guide people in the right direction. And in today’s world that usually means work from home help desk jobs. Just like a physical business offers you a physical help desk, websites offer you a virtual one.

What Is A Virtual Help Desk Job and How Can You Find Work From Home Help Desk Jobs?


Also referred to as a remote help desk, a virtual help desk is used much like customer support. They can be used through phone calls, chat boxes, emails, or a combination of the three, but service to aid those visiting your site with any problems they may have. This can range greatly between answering basic questions about the site to more complex step by step technical support.

5 Work From Home Help Desk Jobs That You Can Start Today

Why Do Companies Need Them?

Companies are venturing out into either having a physical and virtual help desk, or going solely virtual to handle their client’s needs. You may have seen our recent post Get Paid to Take Photos for Insurance Companies which is basically the same thing. Companies are finding it much easier to reach out and outsource their work. This can save companies by not having to provide a physical location for them to meet and do their job. Remote working can also provide more flexible hours, allowing employees to be on call for longer periods of time, while still letting them stay home and take care of other things tasks not related to the help desk.

What Do You Do?

Depending on the company you work for, you can end up playing several different roles. One of the most common forms of virtual help desks is the pop- up chat box when you log onto a site. This will work as a way for people visiting the site to ask general or specific questions, making it necessary that you be familiar with the site and any products on it. You may also lean more towards tech support, either through phone calls or chat, walking those who are on your site through technical problems. There is also customer service, in which you will be helping to facilitate returns, refunds or replacements for any problematic orders.

What Experience Is Needed for a Work From Home Help Desk Job?

It is really going to depend on the individual company when it comes to what level of experience you are going to need for the job. Some companies may divide the work up into different categories, while others will want their help desk employees to handle all the different questions that comes in. You should have some kind of technical background if you plan on handling IT related issues, but some companies may want to also train you their way. While previous experience is always a good thing, how much you need to even be considered for the job will be different from company to company.

Where Can I Find These Work from Home Jobs?

Rather than going site to site applying for different virtual help desk jobs, there are some sites you can go to where companies will post looking for specific hires, including work from home help desk workers. While there are definitely some great sites that you can apply to, you may want to widen your search using these hub sites to help connect you with companies currently hiring.

Some of the top sites for finding virtual help desk work from home jobs include:

Best Companies Looking for Remote Help Desk Employees

Best Companies Looking for Remote Help Desk Employees

If you want to skip the search and go directly to some of the best companies looking for people to run their remote help desks, there are some we highly recommend:


A subsidiary of Allstate, PlumChoice was founded in 2001 as a virtual help desk. They range from customer service, technical support, and software delivery. Because they are a company that specializes in being a help desk, they are often hired by other companies to provide help desk services for them. If you want to work in the help desk field, this is a great company to be apart of because they have hundreds of employees and work with all kinds of businesses, allowing your expertise in certain areas to really shine.

PlumChoice also became part of the SquareTrade family in November of 2018, allowing for protection plans on services and tech, and appliances to also be taken out by clients. If you work for PlumChoice, you will probably also have an opportunity to answer questions and handle information coming in about policies and claims.

To work for PlumChoice, you will need to have experience with Android, Windows and iOS systems, as well as have certain certifications. Some of the certifications you will need to have before being hired include the CCNP, MCSE, MCP, and CCNA. You will also need at least three years of experience working in IT or customer support to be deemed qualified. If you are hired, you will need strong, reliable internet, a quality computer, and a land line phone to take calls on. The area where you work will also need to be quiet to prevent noise pollution.


A United States based tech support company, Support.com has been around for quite a few years and has made a real name for themselves. They offer cloud- based support to both businesses and individuals with technology related issues, while also making sure to keep things simple and easy to follow as they walk you through the problem. Support.com offers you plenty of ways of getting help, including virtual house calls, phone calls, chat boxes, and DIY guides. You can also use their call back feature to get them to contact you if you cannot wait on hold.

There are two different positions that Support.com offers that allows you to work from home. The first is a Remote Services Technician, who’s job is to help companies and individuals with their wireless networks and connections. This is done completely remotely by either walking the person calling through the set- up, or by troubleshooting and fixing the problem entirely on their end.

The other position for working from home in the Personal Technology Expert.  This is similar to the Remote Services Technician, but is a more hands on approach, rather than leading with walking the caller through the steps to fix the problem. They will instead focus more on fixing the problem from their computer via troubleshooting, virus removal, and computer crashes repairs.

Both of these positions will require you to have a USB headset, at least two years of network administration experience, and a MCSE if you want to be a Personal Technology Expert. To start with, a Remote Service Technician will earn between eleven and twelve dollars an hour, while Personal Technology Experts will make around fifteen dollars an hour. Check out their site to see what opening they currently have and if there are any more requirements needed for that particular job position.

Telenetwork/ OneSupport

Now known as OneSupport, Telenetwork is a site that hires experienced tech support and then outsources them to different companies in need of people to handle their virtual helpdesk. You can expect around 25 hours of work per week, making this a part time job, with pay starting between eight and eleven dollars an hour. This job is unique because you will receive 90 days of training before becoming approved for bonuses and benefits like dental, vision, healthcare, and paid vacation.

To have a job with OneSupport, you should have some basic experience before being hired, but they will be training you as well, not making it entirely necessary. You will have to have a computer with a solid internet connection, webcam and a minimum of three gigabytes of RAM. It is important to remember however, that this company is only in the United states and is not available in all 50 states yet.


The last company we recommend is TeleTech. This company has been providing phone and online customer support for businesses for years, and is still a strong source of tech support for many businesses. Working for TeleTech, you will start off with eight to ten dollars per hour in salary, along with benefits and a 401(k). They only hire people who can commit to a minimum of twenty hours per week, with shifts averaging between four and six hours in length. Of course, if you want to work more hours or longer periods, that is okay too.

TeleTech requires their employees to have either a landline phone or a VoIP, as well as one of their suggested headsets from a list they will provide. You will also need have a computer that is not a Mac, and they will send you a disk that you can download the necessary software from. You will also go through a training period before your benefits will begin, but it is truly worth it.

To apply with TeleTech, you will need to go to their site and select the region you live in. Currently, TeleTech is only in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, and the Philippines. If you click on the “Work From Home” tab on their site you can scroll down and see a list of all the job openings that they currently have and where they are located.

Let Us Know Your Available Jobs

If you have experience with any of the companies listed or if you know of any work from home help desk jobs be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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