Weirdest Gigs on Fiverr. You Won’t Believe That People Pay for These Fiverr Gigs

Weirdest Gigs on Fiverr. You Won’t Believe That People Pay for These Fiverr Gigs

Fiverr is well-known for creative gigs – logo designs, voice-overs, writing, and so much more. Not many people stumble onto the “weird” side of Fiverr. Some gigs are so strange, you might ask yourself “who would pay for that!?” Here are some of the weirdest gigs on Fiverr

Weirdest Gigs on Fiverr. You Won’t Believe That People Pay for These Fiverr Gigs

We found some of the most bizarre and weirdest gigs on fiver so you don’t have to look for them yourself.

I will do a happy birthday with my banana

1. Happy Birthday Calls with a Banana

Want to wish your friend a happy birthday memorably? For $55, user Old Man Steve will create a 1080p-HD video of himself singing happy birthday on his banana phone. Don’t try anything naughty; Old Man Steve only does G-rated content!

You might be wondering, who on Earth would pay $55 for this? Quite a few people, because the elderly influencer has over 261 reviews! However, Steve isn’t your everyday Joe. He has a relatively large online following, with 17,000 subscribers on YouTube and 40,000 on Instagram.

Pet Master Reiki and Healing

2. Pet Master Reiki and Healing

Is your pet having problems? Well, who knew that you could turn to Fiverr to fix them! According to Streaming Reiki, he can communicate with animals and is a self-described “energy healer.”

This Fiverr user claims that he can heal any type of pet – dogs, cats, rabbits, you name it. A session costs $35 and you can pay another $10 for prolonged, crystal grid healing. Unfortunately, this gig isn’t as popular as the happy birthday calls with a banana. Nonetheless, it still boasts a few positive reviews.

I will make tingly custom asmr videos for you

3. Tingly Custom ASMR Videos

You either find ASMR strange, or you find it relaxing. There’s no in-between. If you’re someone who enjoys ASMR, you can get a custom video made just for you. For $20, user justjessasmr will make you a 600-second ASMR video.

While she doesn’t give much information on the context of her ASMR videos, she only takes one day to deliver them. Believe it or not, she’s quite popular on Fiverr! Most of her reviews are five stars. ASMR might not be as weird as pet healing, but it’s not something that you see every day on Fiverr.

Learn How to Scream and Growl

4. Learn How to Scream and Growl

Do you want to learn how Slipknot does it? You can learn to scream, growl, or sing with distortion with a lesson from Sibila Vocals. Although it sounds weird, these guys have a point; growling and screaming can be strenuous to your vocal cords. They teach you how to do it healthily and safely.

For $30, you get a 60-minute lesson and support material. This rock vocalist is quite popular – he has worked with over 200 people from around the world and has two courses on Udemy. Most of his clients come from Poland, his home country. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have a large platform yet on Fiverr. Perhaps the customers on Fiverr aren’t the screaming bunch?

Wiccan Career Success Spell

5. Wiccan Career Success Spell

It’s quite common to use Fiverr for an interview and resume help. If you’re still having a difficult time finding a job, you can buy a Wiccan career success spell to help you find success on your career path.

Believe it or not, Wiccancoven, the group behind this gig is quite popular. The “sisterhood of witches” has been on Fiverr since 2016 and they respond within three hours! A career spell is cheap too, only $10.

According to the gig, the spell helps in three areas – looking for new opportunities, climbing the ladder, or gaining more respect from coworkers. If you’re not sure if the spell is right for you, you can get a free consultation. Based on the reviews, their spells seem to work! There are over 500 five-star reviews and counting.


6. Save Your Relationship and Stop Your Partner from Cheating

Many relationships have trust issues – some so extreme that they resort to black magic. That’s right, for only $5, thespellcaster7 will cast a black magic spell that will keep your partner from cheating on you. It’s so serious that you have to be at least 18-years-old to order!

According to this master of spells and healing, the spell is 100% safe and won’t cause any harm in the long run. Your partner will be able to fight any urges of cheating, no matter the situation. For $5, that’s quite the deal!

This gig is not that popular on Fiverr; perhaps people don’t think a spell can prevent cheating? Apparently, they think spells can help their career, so who knows? Although the gig is relatively new, it does have some positive feedback.

Reviewers state that the seller pays strong attention to detail and is very passionate about her work. So, if you want to keep your partner from cheating, here’s one way to do it.

I will write your resignation letter or email

7. A Custom Resignation Letter

Okay, we admit it, this gig isn’t as bizarre as casting a spell on your partner. However, you wouldn’t think there would be so much demand for resignation letter writing. Quitting any job is hard, and you don’t want to make a bad impression when you jump ship. For just $10, this seller will write you a resignation letter.

The seller wants to know whether you’re leaving on good terms or bad terms. Perhaps this will change the tone of the letter? You also get the chance to bring up any fond memories you had while working at the company.

Many users are quite pleased with the quality of their resignation letters. The gig currently has a rating of 4.9 stars and seems to be increasingly popular. Why write your own resignation letter when you can pay $10 for someone else to do it?

Do You Need a Weird Gig to Make Money on Fiverr?

There’s no doubt that Fiverr has become saturated with all sorts of gigs. Although you don’t need a super weird gig to make money on Fiverr, it’s a good idea to be creative and offer a service that doesn’t have a lot of competition yet. Who knows, maybe your gig will be the next one on our list.

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