How to Change Your Fiverr Username. Is It Possible?

How to Change Your Fiverr Username

For independent sellers, large businesses, and individuals alike, a username is an important part of brand recognition and potential client relatability. When deciding on your Fiverr username, it is important to pick a name that both suits you and represents your business. For some, however, an existing username created before the brand direction was decided might leave them with an unsuccessful name.

How to Change Your Fiverr Username. Is It Possible?

Unfortunately, Fiverr does not allow you to alter your username. To change your Fiverr username, you must close your existing Fiverr account. Then, reopen a new account with your credentials, creating it with the username you desire.

This can be a difficult decision if you have a good feedback profile already established on the Fiverr platform. 

While closing your Fiverr account and creating a new one might seem daunting, the process can be easily completed when following the proper steps and protocol. To learn more about Fiverr, how to change your username, and picking the right username for you, continue reading below.

What is Fiverr All About

What is Fiverr All About?

Developed by founders Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010, Fiverr is a website dedicated to connecting freelancers with micro-jobs. As one of the largest international digital service suppliers for digital freelance work, Fiverr users get the option to sign up as either buyers or sellers to access the transaction platform. Rather than calling jobs ‘projects’ or ‘contracts’ like on other freelance opportunity websites, services offered by sellers, or job posters, are referred to as ‘gigs’.

Every gig created by a seller is customized by their needs. With the ability to pick a gig package or set a beginning payment price when presenting a gig, sellers are drawn to Fiverr for its excellent flexibility and gig personalization options.

When a user signs up for Fiverr, they are automatically registered as a buyer with a buyer profile. To change your profile to a seller account, complete the following steps:

  • Go to your profile picture and click on it
  • Pick the settings options and follow it to your dashboard
  • Click on Start Selling and open a new page
  • This page will ask you to enter seller information
  • You will then be registered as a seller after completing the questionnaire and review all necessary information, including intro videos

After you verify your email and phone number information, you will be able to post your first gig as a seller. The guilds lines for sellers are:

  • You must have a finished profile
  • Your gigs must be descriptive and provide detail about the service you are seeking

While Fiverr is a gig-based platform, some buyer and seller working relationships can become long-term if they are the right fit.

Should I Use My Real Name on Fiverr

Should I Use My Real Name on Fiverr?

While you are required to enter your real name as both a buyer and a seller on your Fiverr account for security reasons, there is no need to enter your full real name elsewhere on Fiverr. If a buyer requests your real name, you are at liberty to decline. You also have no obligation to tell any other Fiverr users your last name. A good way to avoid being in a situation where you feel compelled to decline information is to go by your initials and ask others to refer to you as such.

When it comes to your username, Fiverr guidelines suggest that you shy away from using your real name as a public username. This can sometimes act as a security risk, and many users typically feel more comfortable using a business name instead. For large companies and Fiverr accounts meant to represent businesses, using the official name is also the most successful branding move.

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How to Change A Fiverr Username

When you create a username for your original Fiverr account, that username cannot be changed. This is due to Fiverr’s guidelines that associate your user identity with your unique personal Fiverr account. To change your Fiverr username, you must first close your existing Fiverr account and proceed to make a brand new one.

When you close your existing Fiverr account to make a new one, the email address associated with that account will become unavailable to use with your new account unless you remove it before closing the current account.

If you are a seller that wants to close their account to create a new username, however, there are some slight disadvantages. These include losing your old Fiverr gigs, all active orders, and proof of previous orders. If you are set on closing your current account in favor of a new username, make sure to write a personalized note letting each of your customers or buyers know about the new account you plan to create. This way, you can maintain some of the professional relationships you have created when you return with your new username.

After you reconnect with all of your old clients in your new account, you should make sure to recreate all of your gigs in that account. Then, after removing your email address, picking a new username, and making a new account, you can deactivate your old account by doing the following:

  • Log in to your old Fiverr account
  • Locate the Account Deactivation section under Settings
  • Click on I Have Another Fiverr Account
  • Your old account should be deactivated within 24 hours

If you are having a hard time deactivating your old account or notice some issues with the email account linked to your new username’s Fiverr account, don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

How to Change a Fiverr Email Address

How to Change a Fiverr Email Address

An important part of changing your username by deleting your current account to create a new one includes moving your email address. To use your email address with your new Fiverr account, it must first be removed from the old by:

  • Go to your Fiverr profile and choose Settings
  • Locate your email address and delete it, or replace it with an old or inactive email address
  • Log out of your old Fiverr account and log in to your new account
  • Go to your new profile and choose Settings again
  • Locate the email section and enter your new email, then click Save

Once you save your email address in the Fiverr account attached to your new username, you will need to visit your email account to confirm this address. This will make your changes final and your new account will become active.

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If you also had a phone number listed in your old Fiverr account and intend to continue using that number in your new account, you will need to do the same thing with your phone number. Rather than receiving an email to confirm the change, however, you will most likely get an automated voice call or text message to your phone number.

How Can I Change A Fiverr Password

How Can I Change A Fiverr Password?

If you believe that your Fiverr account password or security has been breached or compromised, don’t hesitate to reach out to Fiverr’s customer service support right away. You can also sometimes place a lock on your account until your password has been changed to make sure sensitive information is not at risk. To change or update your password on Fiverr, you must:

  • Click on your Fiverr profile picture and pick the Settings options
  • Click on Security
  • In the allotted space, enter your old password
  • Then, input your new password to finalize the update

Make sure you remember your password or keep it written down in a very safe place. Do not share your Fiverr password with others including employees or employers. Anyone with your Fiverr username and password could easily change your contact information, view sensitive documents within your account, or even delete your account without your permission.

How To Recover Your Restricted Fiverr Account

How To Recover Your Restricted Fiverr Account

If for some reason your Fiverr account becomes restricted, banned, or suspended during the username change and email removal process, contact customer service as soon as possible and explain to them your intention.

If your account was restricted during another time, recovering your restricted Fiverr account will depend on why it was suspended in the first place. Many times, if a Fiverr account was restricted due to a violation of Fiverr’s guidelines or Terms and Services, it cannot be retrieved. To continue using Fiverr, you would need to open a new account. When doing so, you would need to choose a new username that suits your professional business needs. You will not, unfortunately, be able to transfer your old username or email address as you would if you were simply transferring accounts for username purposes, resulting in the need for a new username and email address.

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If you feel that your account has been wrongfully disabled, make sure you indeed did not violate any rules and constant Customer Support. Fiverr will then review your case, transferring any money from your Fiverr account into your linked bank account. If they do not find any offenses that warrant restriction or disabling, Fiverr will reinstate your account after around 45 business days. While the process is long and arduous, the only option, in this case, is to be patient and wait.

The Pros of a Good Username

Having a good username from the very start of your time on Fiverr will ensure that you do not need to go through the process of transferring and creating accounts. To choose a good username, consider using the proper spelling of commonly used words. You should always make sure that the username represents your business’s motivations and offerings, and avoid using your full legal name, if possible.

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