Choose a Fiverr Username

Choose a Fiverr Username That Can Boost Your Sales and Exposure

There are many current and prospective Fiverr users alike who are wondering what name they should choose for their Fiverr account. Whether you are beginning to consider opening a Fiverr account to start your business journey or want a better username to increase the success of your existing business, here’s how to choose a Fiverr username that can boost not only your exposure but also your sales.

Choose a Fiverr Username That Can Boost Your Sales and Exposure


The positive aspects of having a good Fiverr username are that others will be more likely to be drawn to your Fiverr seller profile should you choose to make one. An attractive, interesting, and descriptive Fiverr username has the power to both intrigue viewers and compels them to become your customer or patrons.

When it comes to Fiverr’s perspective, the username of a seller matters a great deal. How you are promoted, where your business is located within the Fiverr platform, and how many daily viewers you receive will all affect your Fiverr ranking.

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If you are thinking about choosing a Fiverr name, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know when to use your full legal name?
  • Should you use your name on Fiverr?
  • How does your Fiverr username impact orders?
  • What does your Fiverr username mean to others?
  • Should a Fiverr username represent your business?
  • What is the best Fiverr username to use?

To learn more about some of these answers and other important Fiverr facts, continue reading below.

Why Usernames Matter

Why Usernames Matter

Usernames are usually displayed with the @ symbol and show up on your Fiverr account like this: @username. Having the right username on your Fiverr page could be the difference between business success and business failure. If a potential customer sees your name and is either not drawn to it or does not understand its meaning, this is bad news for your seller account and your business.

Fiverr usernames also matter because they act as search keywords when somebody is looking for your specific seller account or store. If a user understands the basis of your username but does not spell it exactly correctly, there is still a chance your Fiverr page could pop up in the search. If the username has nothing to do with your business, it will be harder for the user to locate you when attempting to seek out your Fiverr page.

In fact, one of the best ways to promote your Fiverr gigs is to have a username that is inviting to customers. Be sure to choose a Fiverr username that focuses more on your business.

Options for a Good Username

There are many available options and combinations when it comes to picking a good Fiverr username. Whether you want to use your full name, your business name, a generic word that refers to your business, or your company’s specific niche, there are countless options that you can play with for Fiverr username inspiration.

Your Full Personal Name

If you are an individual selling their skills or talents, using your full name is a great option for your Fiverr username. This is especially true if your Fiverr account is being used as a platform to promote a multi-skills set and encourage people to become patrons of your varying types of work.

Some excellent personal name Fiverr username options include the following:

  • Your full legal name
  • Your artist alias identity name
  • Two of your main talents combined into one word, like photography and painting
  • Your full name without whitespace: firstandlast
  • Your full name with an underscore: first_last
  • Your full name with ‘its’ as in ‘it-is’: its_first_last

All of these name options are wonderful for artists, photographers, independent contractors, reiki practitioners, and anyone else that offers their personal talents as their product or side hustle on Fiverr.

Your Business Name as a Fiverr Username

Your Business Name

Your business name is one of the most logical and sensical names to use as your Fiverr username. This is because it will make it easy for people to search for you when looking for your specific services.

Some fictional examples of successful Fiverr business username options include:

  • Disney_Land
  • Fred_Meyer
  • REI_Coop
  • The_Computer_Store

Anything that features your business name and title as the main username can work well for your Fiverr seller account.

A Niche Category Username

A niche Fiverr username is a username that insinuates a specific category or niche for your account. This is useful for people and businesses who only focus on one particular offering for their customers, clients, and viewers. 

Some examples of niche Fiverr usernames include:

  • Brand Name + Most Popular Item Sold: companyname_ boots or name_webdesign
  • Brand Name + Service Name: companyname_service
  • LogoHunt
  • WordPressExpert
  • Your Name + Service Name: name_service

While this Fiverr username option is still technically considered a good one, it is often less successful than if you choose a Fiverr username that features either your full personal name or the complete name of your operating business. This may be due to its lack of detail or its typical generic verbiage.

What Not To Do With Your Username

Now that you’ve read about the best ways to form your Fiverr username, it is good to understand what to avoid when forming a name for your account.

When you choose a Fiverr username, make sure not to do the following:

  • Do not pick a username that is difficult or complicated to spell
  • Do not choose a username in another language
  • Do not pick a name that is too generic
  • Do not pick a username that sounds like another business’s name or username
  • Do not use your name unless you are working as an artist, individual brand, or independent contractor
  • Do not choose a random word or lettering
  • Do not stray from the message of your brand
  • Do not use any political statements
  • Do not use inappropriate words
  • Do not replicate the name of a celebrity

Make sure to always take your time when you choose a Fiverr username, as changing it is a slightly difficult and complicated process that can end up confusing your customers. Consider asking friends and family about their opinion on your username options and take both readability and memorability into account. With patience and diligence, you will be able to pick the best username for you.

How to Create Your Fiverr Account

How to Create Your Fiverr Account

Once you have chosen the best Fiverr username for your company or business, it is time to create your Fiverr account. For those new to Fiverr, remember that there are two different account options to choose from: buyer accounts and seller accounts.

On Fiverr, all accounts are buyer accounts by default when first created and activated. In order to have a seller account, you must specify this in the account set-up process.

Take these steps to create your Fiverr account, turn it into a seller account, and utilize your appropriate new Fiverr username:

  • Go to the Fiverr home page
  • Choose the ‘join’ option
  • Enter your email address
  • Click the continue button
  • Enter your new carefully chosen Fiverr username
  • Pick a unique secret password
  • Choose the ‘register’ option
  • Check your email from an activation notification
  • Open the email from Fiverr and click the activate button
  • Go to your settings and make sure that your account is listed as a seller account
  • If it is a buyer account, switch it to a seller account
  • Create a gig when you are ready
  • Check your gig status including active, pending approval, draft, denied, and more
  • If your gig has been denied, make changes and create a new gig

Signing up for Fiverr and creating a gig is free of charge. For additional help or troubleshooting problems, contact the Fiverr customer service division.

Changing Your Fiverr Username

Your username is supposed to be your only distinct identifying name on Fiverr and is not supposed to ever be changed. This means that once you do pick a Fiverr username, you had better be sure that it is the absolute perfect one for you and the work that you aim to promote and offer to others. 

If for some reason you do end up wanting or needing to change your Fiverr username such as a career change, system hack, change of business, or termination of a company, it is possible.

To do so, you must close your existing Fiverr account and open an entirely new one. Once you do this, you’ll need to erase your email from your past account to utilize it again in your new account. This process will also allow you to adopt a new Fiverr username that is better suited to you and your company.

Linking Your Fiverr Username to Other Accounts

Linking Your Fiverr Username to Other Accounts

Your Fiverr username is imperative because it is often a way that links businesses and clients to your other accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, LinkedIn, and even your website. 

If your Fiverr username is unrelated to the name used on all of your other accounts, it will not be clear that you are the same person or business offering the same service. Therefore, all of your account names should be cohesive and correlate in some clear way.

Your Username is Your Brand

Your Fiverr username is your brand. This means that its job is not only to inform people of what you and your company do or offer, it must excite and inspire people to participate in your mission. 

Whether you are an artist, reseller, or offer a service like website design, your username communicates to people the type of client you are interested in attracting and the demographic that you can successfully serve.

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