How to Get Noticed on Fiverr. Maximize Your Gig Exposure for Profits

How to Get Noticed on Fiverr. Maximize Your Gig Exposure for Profits

Do you have a useful digital skill or talent? Don’t just share your skills with your close friends and family, make money from them. While having a traditional job is a great way to pay the bills, sometimes it’s not enough or the monotonous routine of heading into the same place every day just doesn’t match your lifestyle.

That’s okay! With money-making platforms like Fiverr, earning money with your special skills and talents has never been easier.

How to Get Noticed on Fiverr. Maximize Your Gig Exposure for Profits

However, it’s no secret that Fiverr is a bit of a jungle and getting noticed by potential clients can feel like an intimidating task. Don’t worry! Getting noticed on Fiverr isn’t as difficult as it seems. Let’s talk about you, Fiverr, and what it takes to start getting noticed, so you can start making money as quickly as possible!

So, What Is Fiverr, Anyway?

Fiverr is one of the world’s largest forums for buying and selling digital services. You can use your special skill or talent to attract buyers and make money. Make money with skills like graphic design, programming, writing, and a lot more.

If you’re thinking, wait I don’t have any special digital skills, I can’t make money on Fiverr. Think again! Just because you didn’t take special courses in digital skills, doesn’t mean you can’t make money on Fiverr. Services like translating, doing voice-overs, data entry, teaching online music lessons, and more.

Okay, Why Fiverr for Making Money?

There are many benefits to working on Fiverr. The biggest benefit is that all your work is remote, and remote means freedom! As long as you are following through with your commitments to your buyers, you can work when and wherever you want.

Working as a freelancer through Fiverr allows you to travel, work whenever you feel most creative, make time for things like a healthier lifestyle, work in more time for family, and avoid the stress, pressure, and routine that comes from a traditional nine-to-five.

However, it’s very important to keep in mind that if you want to make money with freelance work and selling your services on Fiverr you need to be self-motivated. You are your own boss, and no one is going to be there to make sure you’re meeting deadlines.

Fiverr is also very competitive, so consider ways to keep enhancing your skill set to get noticed on Fiverr. Oh, and don’t forget, you’re the one that pays for all the office supplies and access to the internet too.

Also, remember that even though you’re working remotely, you still have to talk to people. Be prepared for constant communication through email, direct messages, phone calls, and video calls. However, working remotely is still a great way to network and socialize with like-minded people.

Why Is It Called Fiverr

Why Is It Called Fiverr?

When Fiverr entered into the scene as a marketplace to buy and sell digital skills, each service was only bought and sold for $5. As Fiverr grew in popularity, it attracted more and more talented individuals who deserved far more than just $5. Today, you can charge almost $1,000 for your digital services on Fiverr. For instance, an expert translator could easily make $100 for a short gig.

What’s a “Gig” on Fiverr?

One reason Fiverr is a little unnerving to navigate is because it sort of has its own language. For example, in order to set up a gig on Fiverr you need to price a package, name your requirements, and publish your gig. Don’t forget to make your gig metadata stand out and choose the right search tags to help your gig rank in search engines.

Wait, what? Don’t worry, you’ll find out everything you need to know about setting up a gig and getting noticed on Fiverr right here. First, let’s define some terms, so you won’t run into any snags while you’re learning how to steer through Fiverr.


This is you! You’re providing a service on Fiverr for buyers to purchase. You provide the details of the service and decide how much to charge.


A person who orders your gig through prefunding it on Fiverr. 


This is any service you offer on Fiverr’s marketplace. Any buyer may purchase your gig at the click of a button. 

Gig Extras

This gives you the option to offer extra services onto your existing gig for a certain charge. It’s a great way to make a little extra money on Fiverr, and provide great customer service.

Gig Metadata

You can describe your gig’s specific details with this feature. Your metadata is the first step into getting noticed on Fiverr. Read on to learn how to use the right words, so that buyers notice your gigs on Fiverr. 


As you do more work on Fiverr, you gain status based on your performance and reputation. When you achieve certain levels on Fiverr, certain benefits like being able to charge more for your services are unlocked. You also appear more in searches as you gain more levels.


When a buyer purchases your gig. Once you accept the order, you are required to fill it.


This feature gives you the option to offer three different options and prices levels for the same service.

Response Rate 

A statistic based on how quickly you respond to the first message a buyer sends you. Keep in mind that it measures your response within the first 24 hours.


Keywords that you add to your gigs in order to help buyers search for your services.

Top Rated Seller 

When you earn the top-level badge on Fiverr. People who earn the top-level badge are hand-picked by Fiverr, and have considerable benefits and VIP support. When you’re a top rate seller on Fiverr, you get top priority in search results.

Creating a Perfect Profile and Gig On Fiverr to Get Noticed

Creating a Perfect Profile and Gig On Fiverr to Get Noticed

Now that you’ve had a quick overview of Fiverr, let’s get into getting started on Fiverr and working on getting your skills noticed. The first step is creating a flawless profile. It’s important to note that your Fiverr profile should not be the same as a social media or dating profile.

Dedicating time to creating a professional profile shows that you’re passionate about making money on Fiverr, and more likely to successfully complete work for buyers. Sorry, no likes or swiping left or right here. Take a look at how to create a profile and get noticed by buyers on Fiverr.

Choose a Focus for Your Profile 

While it’s tempting to display all of your skills on your profile, it actually won’t help you get noticed on Fiverr. When you choose to focus on one skill or specialized skill set, it sets the tone for your whole profile. Your profile has a better flow and looks a lot more organized, which makes it easy for buyers to read. 

When a buyer can easily read and quickly browse your profile, they are able to pick out key elements that are important to their individual needs. This makes you more noticeable on Fiverr, and buyers will be more likely to purchase your gigs. Be sure to check out our guide on how to choose a Fiverr username if you haven’t signed up yet. 

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t devote a small section of your profile to your hobbies and other skills. A little personal information makes you more relatable, and gives a buyer a little more insight to how you match what they need out of a freelancer. Don’t be afraid to share a sentence or two about what you do in your free time or your favorite way to spend the weekends. Just be sure to keep it professional and not overshare.

Take a Few Minutes to Learn SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for “search engine optimization,” and it is one of the top techniques to get noticed on Fiverr. When you use SEO, your profile and your gigs get a major boost in search engine results, and you catch the eye of buyers and search engines similarly. It makes your profile easy to read, and most importantly, easy to find.

While learning SEO like the pros can take several years, the basics are very simple: use keywords and phrases to highlight your skills on your profile. Don’t worry! Finding keywords and phrases is a lot easier than you think. Just go to a popular search engine and type in your skill.

For instance, if you’re wanting to do voice-over work, type in “voice-over” or “voice acting.” Take a close look at common words and phrases, figure out which represents you the best, and naturally work them into your profile text. Don’t add in too many keywords and phrases, or you’ll sound impersonal and unprofessional! Check out some great Fiverr gigs you can offer here. 

Put Effort Into Your Profile Picture

You’ve heard the expression, “you don’t get a second chance at first impressions.” Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your profile picture on Fiverr. You don’t need a professional headshot, but your picture should be as professional as possible.

Using a selfie as your profile picture is just fine. We live in an age where our phone cameras can be just as detailed as a professional one. Make sure you have a good angle and are wearing a professional-looking shirt. You only need a picture of your face, so sorry, no full-body pictures here. If you must use a filter, only use one that smooths and clears your skin. Don’t forget to smile!

Before you upload your picture to Fiverr, think about what kind of buyers you want to attract. If you want gigs in the fashion and beauty industries, think about having trendy hair and makeup in your profile picture. However, if graphic design is your main skill, a graphic design of your face is a great way to showcase your talent!

Make a Personal Video That Wows

Make a Personal Video That Wows

Making a personal video for your gig is an amazing way to get noticed on Fiverr, because it allows you to be personal and creatively explain your service. It’s actually so amazing that Fiverr studies have shown your sales could be boosted by a staggering 200% by adding a personal video to your profile. Incredible! 

However, making a personal video can seem like an intimidating task. After all, it’s a form of public speaking and we all know how most feel about that. It’s okay, follow these quick tips on how to get noticed on Fiverr with a personal video to help you get rid of those public-speaking jitters! 

  • Come up with a fantastic greeting. Be personal and introduce yourself and your gig. Make sure to keep it short, because you only have about a minute for your entire video.
  • Explain your gig, how much it costs, and why you’re the best choice. This is also a moment to be brief. Don’t overload potential buyers with too much information.
  • Your video should only be around one minute long. This is only about five or ten sentences of the most important information about your gig.
  • Don’t forget a strong call to action. This is where you say something like, “Order today for the best in Spanish translation!”
  • Loosen up! It’s well known that communication relies heavily on body language. In a profile picture you’re stuck in place, but in a video, you have the chance to be a little more dynamic. Make sure you use hand gestures and facial expressions, to really show off your communication style. 

Filming yourself on camera is nerve-racking for most people, so wanting to avoid making a video all together is understandable. However, making a video for your gig is proven to make you more money. If you’re feeling nervous, try practicing with a friend or family member before the camera starts rolling. 

If you’re adamant to stay off camera, you can always try an impersonal video. This is where you animate a video or use white-board animation to describe your skills. Keep in mind you need to have high-quality animation, and it may be a lot more work than making a personal video.

Stay Honest on Your Fiverr Profile 

Building a great reputation is essential to getting noticed on Fiverr, and reviews play a huge role on how to get noticed on Fiverr. It may be enticing to lie on your gigs and profile to make more money, you’re only setting yourself up for failure.

When you lie about skills you don’t have, it will take you longer to complete the service you promised, or you may not even be able to complete the service at all. You risk damaging your credibility and buyers will leave a bad review. Not only will you not get noticed on Fiverr, your dishonesty may get you removed from the site.

A great way to make sure you’re staying honest is by reviewing Fiverr’s community standards page. Here, you can find a wealth of information on Fiverr’s best practices. Take a look at their standards on integrity and authenticity, prohibited services, and more.

Communication Is Key for How to Get Noticed on Fiverr

Communication Is Key for How to Get Noticed on Fiverr

Communication is very important for selling gigs, making money on Fiverr, and turning potential buyers into regular customers. Remember, Fiverr is incredibly competitive, and one of the best ways to stand out from everyone is by clearly stating what your gig is and how a potential buyer would benefit from it. Plus, great communication always equals excellent customer service. 

What’s the Best Way to Communicate? 

There are three main forms of communication: written, body and verbal. You’ve already nailed a portion of the verbal and body language with the perfect video. However, it doesn’t end there. Many buyers like to have video conference calls with the person selling a gig.

Especially, if you’re selling a pricier one. Even though having a video call can be extremely awkward at times, remember everyone goes through a little bit of anxiety when it comes to seeing themselves on camera. So, just relax and be yourself!

You also need to be able to have great phone skills. There are times when a buyer needs to talk to you on the phone. Try and answer when they call, or return their missed call as soon as possible.

Written communication doesn’t stop at your profile either. It’s imperative to answer a buyer’s first message within 24 hours, because it affects your response rate.

Your response rate is measured by the amount of first responses to a buyer within 24 hours over the past two months. It’s a good way to get noticed on Fiverr, because buyer’s can see your response rate on your profile.

Even though only your first response is measured, it’s still important to stay in contact with your buyer after they have purchased your gig. Keeping in contact shows how happy you are to be working on the project, provides excellent customer service, and promotes trust between you and your buyer. This leads to return business, and more money in your pocket.

However, moderation is also important when it comes to communication. Your buyers don’t need to know all the exact details of how you’re working on their gig. Just send them updates when you’ve reached milestones, have any concerns or questions, and when you’re almost finished.

Stay Available 

If you want to know how to get noticed on Fiverr and make money, the real answer is by staying available. Most buyers are ready to find someone to fulfill a service within 24 hours. So, when you put a gig on Fiverr, be ready to respond to a buyer immediately. This means checking your email and the Fiverr website often.

Communication Is Easier In the App 

Let’s be real. You probably have your cell phone within arm’s reach. That’s why getting the Fiverr app and its notifications on your cell phone or tablet just makes sense. With the app, you can always be available to communicate with buyers, respond quickly to first messages, and update your profile. You can even easily market your gigs outside of Fiverr for more opportunities to make money.

Learn the Art of Creating the Perfect Gig 

Learn the Art of Creating the Perfect Gig 

It’s going to take a little more work than explaining your gig through a little bit of text. As you saw before, adding a personal video to your gig boosts your sales, but first, you need to get your gig noticed on Fiverr. 

Write a Great Title With SEO 

Your gig must have an amazing title, and if you’re like a lot of people, this can be really difficult. The best way to start is by looking at top sellers that are in the same niche as you.

Use SEO basics and notice similar keywords in the titles of their gigs. Try using the same words, while also using creative words that authentically describe your service. You can also enhance your title with SEO by clicking the use Seo Title. This upgrades your title by only using keywords, but it may not always work for your title. 

Quick Tips For Creating a Gig Title 

  • Keep it short, simple, and easy to read 
  • Capitalize one key word in your title for emphasis
  • Shorten your title by using numbers  
  • Use the most important keywords first
  • Add relevant search tags to your gig 
  • Optimize your URL 

How to Get Noticed on Fiverr Is By Keeping It All Cohesive

When you’re making videos and writing content be sure to keep your gig URL, tags, title, and description as in sync as possible. This makes your gig easier to understand, faster to read, and more noticeable to buyers and search engines. Also make your gig relatable to your profile. For instance, if your profile says you have skills in writing, but you make a gig for graphic design, buyers won’t be interested in your gig.

Make Sure to Deliver What You Promised

Fiverr is all about delivering quality digital services at competitive prices. If you promise to provide something in your gig, make sure you follow through. Also be sure to provide quality work on time, and thank the buyer for the opportunity to work with them.

You can always ask your buyer if they would like to add anything to your gig for an extra fee. For instance, creating a logo in several colors or adding in extra words to a document. It’s always a great idea to suggest working together again, and quickly let them know you’re always available.

So, What Kind of Jobs Are There On Fiverr?

So, What Kind of Jobs Are There On Fiverr?

Even though Fiverr is a marketplace for digital services, it offers way more than just graphic design and website building. You can find work writing resumes, making book covers, being a virtual assistant and more.

Testing Websites 

Browsing the internet is a skill almost everyone has. When a company launches a new website, there are bound to be a few bugs. There are many cheap or free programs you can do to record what you’re doing on screen. You would be making sure the site is easy to navigate, user friendly, and designed well. The best part about this gig is that it’s quick! Just be sure to let buyers know you are readily available to test their websites! 

Spreadsheet and Word Processing

There are a lot of people out there who struggle with getting programs like Microsoft Excel to work correctly or formatting things like tables and charts in Word. If you have experience in these programs, you can find work on Fiverr. As with website testing, a buyer usually needs their spreadsheet or document fixed in a hurry. So, be sure you respond to them as fast as possible.

Pet Modeling

Believe it or not, you can make money by taking pictures of your pets with a company’s logo or gear. Hiring a professional pet model is really expensive. So why not cut costs by letting you take pictures of your pet in a safe, happy environment. Make sure you have the ability to take a detailed, high-quality photo.

Leveling Up a Stuck Gamer

Another seemingly impossible way to make money on Fiverr is by helping stuck gamers level up. However, some people will pay for help in games like Fortnite or World of WarCraft.

Content Writing and Blog Writing

If you have a knack for conversational writing, blog and content writing is an excellent way to sell gigs on Fiverr. If you do a great job, the buyer will probably return for more business which makes you more noticeable to other buyers.


If sales are your skill, then copywriting is for you! Companies are always looking for excellent writers to represent their brands. You can write anything from mass emails, blogs, landing pages for websites, and more! You make extra money if you can type error-free at the speed of light. How to get noticed on Fiverr is by having a fast turnaround with your writing skills.

Social Media Management

For a lot of businesses, especially small businesses, managing social media posts is a huge undertaking. If you can easily captivate an audience, choose the perfect picture for a post, in order to drive traffic for a business, then you can make money on Fiverr. Social media management is a great way to make money at home offering your services on Fiverr. 

Photo-Based Services

Photoshop is also a very hard skill to learn, and it’s a skill that a lot of people pay to have done to their photos. For instance, you could remove blemishes and smooth skin tones, put things in and take things out, and change the background.

Logo Design

Designing and creating a logo is a lot more work than most business owners think. So, when then try to create one themselves they like to run to the closest graphic designer possible. You can even offer to animate logos and make special holiday editions. Take your graphic design to the next level by offering to design things like product packaging and book covers.

Translation Services

Translation services are in demand everywhere. If you’re fluent in more than one language, you’re needed on Fiverr. How to get noticed on Fiverr for translation services is by clearly stating you can read, write, speak another language fluently. Offer services like translating written text into audio files or translating marketing documents, or even translate press releases. Make sure you say what language you are translating.

Proofread for Students

If you have an eye for detail when it comes to proofreading, you can offer gigs to students who need help refining documents like college applications, resumes, and even papers and projects. Keep in mind most students don’t have a ton of money to spend on gigs, so if you want to get noticed, it’s best to keep your gig on the cheaper side.

Voice Work

You can earn a lot of money just using your voice. If you have a clear speaking voice or unique speaking voice, you can offer to voice audiobooks, online video tutorials, or animation. There are even opportunities to make money singing or rapping. Making an eye and ear-catching video is how to get noticed on Fiverr for your voice skills.

Keep Improving Your Skills

One of the best ways to keep getting buyers for your gigs and staying noticeable on Fiverr is by keeping up with the competition. You can do this by continuing your education in your skill, so you’re up-to-date on the latest techniques.

This doesn’t mean your need to pay for courses. There is a wealth of knowledge on the internet, and you can find almost all the information you need to keep improving your skills. Take a look at videos on YouTube or read the newest news articles on your skill.

Another way to stay ahead of the competition is by having the best software or supplies you can afford. Digital services require high-quality materials, in order to satisfy buyers. For instance, if you’re trying to sell a gig for voice work, it’s probably best to have a quality microphone, or if you are a graphic designer, you should have a professional-grade software to work with.

Tips For Students or New Graduates On How to Get Noticed on Fiverr

Tips For Students or New Graduates On How to Get Noticed on Fiverr

It can be really hard to compete with seasoned freelancers on Fiverr. Especially, if you’re just starting out. That’s okay! You can still get noticed on Fiverr without a ton of experience. Follow these tips, if you’re just getting started:

  • Highlight your attention to detail and your skills in time management
  • Let buyers know you’re always available
  • Talk about your relative coursework and grades
  • Make the most out of your knowledge about social media
  • Market your gigs outside of Fiverr
  • Don’t give up! Even though it’s a tough market, the best sellers are the ones who stay persistent

Fiverr Is What You Make It

Fiverr Is What You Make It

When you create a gig on Fiverr, you’re not just selling your skills and talents, you’re selling yourself. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits all formula for that. This is why it’s important to put the effort into Fiverr from the very beginning. Get to know yourself and your skills, so that you can effectively market yourself in a creative way that engages buyers.

The better you know how to market yourself through using techniques like SEO, the more noticeable you are on Fiverr. Most importantly, be confident and authentic. Buyers are attracted to sellers who are confident in what they are doing and comfortable in their own skin. If you follow this guide on how to get noticed on Fiverr, your gigs will start to sell themselves. 

Get Started on Fiverr Today

Don’t wait any longer to start earning extra income with Fiverr. Take control of your financial future today. Embrace the flexibility and potential profits that are just a few clicks away. Your journey towards financial independence begins here!

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