Should You Buy Fiverr Reviews as a Service Provider on the Fiverr Marketplace?

Should You Buy Fiverr Reviews as a Service Provider on the Fiverr Marketplace?

As a freelancer or service provider on the Fiverr platform, your reputation is everything. Positive reviews can make or break your success on the platform, leading many providers to consider purchasing fake reviews to boost their ratings. But is this a smart move?

Before you consider buying reviews, there are important factors to consider. We’ll take a closer look at what buying Fiverr reviews can mean and also provide some alternative ways to gain reviews for your Fiverr gigs in this post to take your selling experience to the next level to gain more clients. 

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Do I Really Need Fiverr Reviews to Rank?

Not necessarily. While having reviews can help sellers boost their ranking on the platform and gain more clients, it is not a requirement for success. There are several other factors that contribute to your ranking on Fiverr, such as the number of completed orders, customer satisfaction rate, keywords in titles, tags, descriptions, and more.

However, having good reviews does help increase the credibility of your business and can help attract potential buyers. 5-star reviews and positive feedback give the social proof that many customers are looking for to validate the purchase they are about to make. 

Get Fiverr Reviews

More Reviews Means Better Fiverr Search Ranking

When customers search for services on Fiverr, the platform takes into account several factors to determine which gigs rank highest in the search results. One of those factors is reviews, and having more reviews can help increase your ranking and visibility.

The more positive reviews you have, the higher your gig will appear in search results, leading to more potential clients who are interested in your gigs.

The Best Place to Buy Fiverr Review Packages at a Low Cost

There are several places online that sell fake Fiverr reviews. The cost of the reviews varies from vendor to vendor, but the average price is around $5-$10 per review, plus the cost of the Fiverr gig, which is at a minimum of $7.28. You can check out  ReviewSub or look at providers on Upwork

The best way to determine which is the best seller is to read the customer reviews, but since they are in the business of creating reviews, I wouldn’t put too much trust into that. 

As you can see by the cost of the reviews, it can get quite expensive if you want to gain more than just a few reviews. But there are ways you can get more reviews simply by connecting with other Fiverr sellers. 

Trading Fiverr Reviews with Other Sellers

Trading Fiverr Reviews is a highly effective way to increase your ratings on the platform without having to spend as much money as you would when you outright buy Fiverr reviews. It’s simple: you trade a review of someone else’s gig for a review of yours, and each of you buys the other seller’s gig.

Trading gig reviews means that both parties get an honest review and can help each other boost their rankings on Fiverr. As a seller, you’ll get a portion of the cost of the gig back which is 80% after Fiverr takes its cut. You’ll also need to pay transaction fees for the purchase as well which is $2.28 per gig for a $5 gig. 

It’s important to note that trading reviews must be done with caution. Both parties must provide honest reviews for each other’s gigs and not use fake or spammy reviews, as this can lead to both accounts being suspended. 

The best place to find others who want to trade Fiverr reviews is on sites like Facebook groups or Reddit. Of course, there are scams and all sorts of problems to look out for, but typically, higher-engaged groups can help you find the Fiverr reviews that you need. 

Problems with Buying Fiverr Reviews

Buying reviews is an effective way to boost your ratings on Fiverr, but it does come with some risks. For one, you need to find out the quality of the reviews that you are buying or if they will even remain once they are purchased.

Another issue is that Fiverr may detect some fake reviews, and this could lead to your account being suspended or suppressed in the search rankings. Fiverr buyers can also leave comments on Fiverr, which you can’t see, in which they can reveal that it’s a fake review and basically destroy your entire account. So is it really worth the risk? 

Will I Get Banned, or Can I Safely Buy Fiverr Reviews?

It is possible to purchase Fiverr reviews and get away with it. However, there are still risks associated with buying Fiverr reviews. The most significant risk is that Fiverr may detect fake or spammy reviews and take action against your account. Even if you purchase high-quality reviews, the possibility of Fiverr seeing them and taking action cannot be ruled out. 

Can I Buy an Established Fiverr Account Which Already Has Reviews?

Yes, it is possible to buy an established account on Fiverr, which already has reviews. However, it can be risky because if the previous owner of the account has been banned or suspended from the platform, then this could have a negative impact on your own account. 

Creating New Accounts and Leaving Reviews for Yourself

Another option for getting reviews on Fiverr is creating new accounts and leaving reviews for yourself. This can be done by creating multiple accounts with different email addresses; each account will need to be verified before you can start leaving reviews. Once the accounts have been created, you can then leave positive reviews on your own gigs as well as other gigs.

Don't Forget About the Service Fee

However, leaving reviews for yourself can send up a huge footprint on the platform. If you decide to go this route, make sure that you use different IP addresses for each account and use different payment methods when purchasing the gigs. You’ll still need to pay Fiverr transaction fees as well as the Fiverr commission on each sale. So even if you create your own reviews, you’ll still be paying $3.28 for each review.

Gain Fiverr Reviews Legitimately

There are other ways to get legitimate, genuine reviews for your Fiverr gigs, and it doesn’t involve so much hassle. Instead of paying $3.28 to get fake Fiverr reviews, why not drop the price of your gig so that it becomes irresistible to potential customers? 

If you offer a service such as a blog post writing, instead of providing a 300-word post, offer a 600-word post for the same gig price. Remember, you can always go back and change the gig after you’ve got several online reviews for your services to clients. You’ll also want to make sure you hit your delivery time and over-deliver the service so you don’t get any negative reviews. You don’t want all your effort to backfire, and you end up with a bad review simply because you missed the delivery time. 

You can also take advantage of Fiverr-promoted gigs, which can also help boost your exposure to potential buyers on the Fiverr marketplace. Just remember to give a high-quality service so you get positive feedback on the largest marketplace online for digital services. 


Buying Fiverr reviews is tempting, and it can be effective in boosting your ratings on the Fiverr online marketplace. However, there are risks associated with buying fake reviews or creating new accounts to leave reviews for yourself. Buying fake Fiverr reviews can also get expensive, depending on the route you decide to take. It’s best to gain reviews legitimately by offering an excellent service at an unbeatable price as well as taking advantage of Fiverr’s promoted gigs feature.

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