Tips to Create The Best Gig Title for Fiverr

Tips to Create The Best Gig Title for Fiverr

There are thousands of sellers on Fiverr and each of them typically has multiple gigs which makes the Fiverr marketplace a difficult place to sell your services. Especially if you’re a beginner to Fiverr. Crafting the best gig title for Fiverr is one way to start getting more clicks and eyes on your gig pages. Here’s some tips to help!

Sales Start with a Great Fiverr Gig Title

Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sell services for $5. The name comes from the fact that each service can have a starting cost of $5. Fiverr services can be much higher as well. In fact, some Fiverr services sell for hundreds of dollars.

Fiverr Gig Title Tips

But there’s a catch when it comes to selling anything online and it’s true even on Fiverr. You only get paid when someone buys your gig and you deliver it. And without a catchy title to get people to visit your gig (sales) page then you may not make anything.

Fiverr gig titles are super important. Without a good Fiverr gig title no one will click through to your gig page. So even if you have the best service in the world and an awesome gig description it won’t matter much if no one sees it.

Titles are especially important on because they use them in keyword searches. One the gig creation page, even Fiverr states this.

“As your Gig storefront, your title is the most important place to include keywords that buyers would likely use to search for a service like yours.”

Understand That Gig Titles Are The Start of a Sales Funnel

One of the biggest problems that users who are attempting to sell on Fiverr have is they try to sell in the title. This is completely wrong. The gig title is to gain exposure to your gig and to show up in searches on Fiverr. It’s like the start of your sales funnel.

First the user sees your image and gig title then they click through to your gig page which lets them explore what you’re selling. Attempting to sell in the gig title is a no-no and why many people simply can’t get any exposure on Fiverr.

Get the Click from Buyers Not Sell them the Gig

Gig titles are important because they’re the first words visitors see when they land on your listing. They should be short, catchy, and convey exactly what you offer. Whether you’re selling social media marketing or virtual assistant services, you’ll want catchy gig titles to gain exposure.

Capitalization & Punctuation in your Title

While it may seem like a great idea to have all the words in your title capitalized, it won’t work. Fiverr will sometimes throw an error when saving the gig informing you not to use all caps. And even if you do get it to save, which does sometimes happen, Fiverr will convert the text to all lower case when showing search results.

There are some things you can do to add a bit of uniqueness to your gig title however and that is by using punctuation. Some characters are allowed in the gig title such as commas and such. Crafting a title with these characters can help give you a small edge over your competition.

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One thing that you’ll certainly want to look at in your gig title is the grammar. If you’re offering a service such as blog post writing, writing services, content writer, or another type of service which requires good grammar make sure you don’t have any grammar mistakes in your gig title. 

Also if you’re offering services such as video editing services make sure you have a great video on your gig as well. While there are loads of entry level jobs on Fiverr that almost anyone can do such as virtual assistants, when it comes to a specific skill you should showcase it in your title. 

You would be surprised at the social media posts that are present on some of the social media gigs on Fiverr. Have some sort of social proof in whatever you’re selling. And if you’re new, let buyers know that, after all we all start somewhere. 

Always Use Your Target Keyword In Your Fiverr Gig Title and Gig Description

If you’re not familiar with the term “keywords,” here’s a quick explanation. Think of keywords as words or phrases that describe your product or service. They help buyers locate the services or products they need on Fiverr. 

For example, if you run a proof reading company, you may list your services as “proof reader.” Or maybe you offer “book editing services.” These descriptions help people find you because it’s basically what they will be searching for on Fiverr. 

If you offered explainer videos or motion graphics or logos you would want to use those keywords in your Gig titles to help make sure your listings show up on Fiverr searches. 

Try to put yourself in your buyers shoes. Go to Google and look up keywords by typing a few words and see what they suggest. One thing you should avoid is using company names or branding especially if you are new to selling on Fiverr.

People don’t tend to search for company or brands on Fiverr. Instead they search for things they need such as DJ services or proof read an e-book. Make sure your title has the buyer intent in mind and keywords that match.

Use Related Words In Your Fiverr Gig Title

You can also include related words in your gig title to help gain even more exposure. For instance, if you offer DJ services you may say you offer “music mixes” or a “DJ mix” which can both be used in the gig title on Fiverr. Just make sure they are relevant keywords that you are using. 

Most of the best gig title for Fiverr can include several keywords so it gets the most exposure. It’s not easy to create a great title but when you do it can make a world of difference in the exposure you get from the platform. 

Couple a great title with an awesome gig image and you can quickly gain even more exposure on Fiverr. There are many different types of gigs on Fiverr and each will have their own keywords that can be used. Make sure you look at other Fiverr sellers and the type of service they offer.

You can gain lots of great gig title examples simply by browsing the gigs that are already doing well on Fiverr. Whether your a graphic designer or you create social media videos, there is likely others who are offering similar services. You can also take a look at buyer requests which can help gain some exposure as well. 

Use Eye Catching Power Words in Your Gig Title

Eye catching power words are those words that grab attention right away. They’re usually short phrases that describe exactly what you offer.

If you’re selling services on Fiverr, you can use words like “professional,” “expert,” “skilled,” or “master.” These words tell your prospective clients that you’re qualified to perform the task at hand. And they can catch the eyes of potential buyers browsing the Fiverr platform.

You can also use words like “amazing”, “awesome”, “powerhouse”, or “ultimate”. These words let your prospects know the gig you’re offering is, well, amazing or awesome or…

You can also use power words which are related to your service as well. If you are a video editor you can use phrases like ‘awesome video’ or “elegant video editing”. Using words to set you apart is great for any marketing campaign and it works wonders on Fiverr. 

Don’t Change Title to Your Gig

A huge problem that many people don’t realize when creating a Fiverr gig is that they also create a URL for the Fiverr gig. And even when you change the title on your gig the URL stays the same. This can be great for SEO searches where buyers find your gig on Google or other search engines but can be a problem on Fiverr.

Take for instance you offer a guest post service on a lifestyle blog. Then you want to change the guest post service around a bit and make it more precise. Such as a recipe blog. Now your gig title has ‘recipe blog guest post’ as a main keyword but your URL keyword doesn’t match which can both confuse buyers and also make your gig show lower in the Fiverr search.

Once you craft a title you’ll need to stick with it. As a Fiverr seller you can offer more than one gig so if you want to try out different titles be sure to create more gigs with different titles. You can use the Fiverr analytics to see just how many impressions and clicks you get and focus on the one that does better.

In no time you’ll be creating the best gig title for Fiverr!

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